What do British Spurs fans think of foreign Spurs fans?

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I'm from Estonia and love the club. Have been to the stadium three times now. Two times I brought one of my mates with me. Last time I flew in from Estonia alone, moving on crutches (had broken my leg just 2 weeks prior) and hopped to Wembley only to see us get beaten by Juventus in CL second round. Then hopped back to my hotel to sleep off the devastation and flew back to Estonia the next day. Don't you dare say that foreign fans are 'mehhh' :roseunsure::wanyama:

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I'm from Spain and I'm a Tottenham supporter since 2008, since the era of Juande Ramos (I was only 12 years old). I've watched all the Tottenham games since then and Tottenham is my only one team. Neither Real Madrid nor FC Barcelona (I prefer Real Madrid). I have many Tottenham t-shirts and scarves, a key ring, a cup...

I had the opportunity to visit London in September and I was able to visit North London and Tottenham's new stadium from outside. I was really excited. I hope to be able to visit London soon and watch a Tottenham match in our new stadium.

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Bloody foreign fans, watching our Spurs, why don't you watch teams from your own country? We don't need you adding to our viewing figures, long-distance buying our club merchandise, generating a huge market for the Premier League to sell to TV networks all over the world, inflating the value of the players who play in it, drawing great foreign players from all over the world for you to gawk at. What do you know about Tottenham Hotspur? (apart from what you can find out on the Internet, if you can be bothered). Eh? You'd get lost on Tottenham High Road, bet you can't even point in the direction of our glorious new stadium from Seven Sisters, let alone from where you are right now, ya bunch of foreign oiks. You're just a bunch of plastic Carlos Kickabouts, a gaggle of inglorious Gino Goalhangers. You hear me? For-eign-ers! In is in, you have to be in to be in, and you definitely ain't in, 'cos you're out, and out is out. You can't argue against that. So just shut it. Where was I? Oh yeah, to be a true Spurs fan you have to be English, born within walking distance of the stadium, and able to recite the lyrics to Hot Shot Tottenham and When The Year Ends In One backwards (Ossie's Dream don't count, 'cos foreign innit?). You have to have travelled to see every single match personally, sung your heart out so much your voice is croaky for a week, soaked yourself in the rain, frozen out in the cold, and burnt yourself in the sun for the full ninety minutes of every match (plus injury time, eventual extra time and possibly penalties). Oh and if you don't drink don't even bother. You have to know at least umpteen other English Spurs fans personally, and been involved in at least one hospitaliseable (sic) incident with fans of other English clubs (foreign fans don't count). So if you think you're some sort of kindred spirit just because you've watched us ever since that 5 -1 win or ever since your favourite little soccer superstar became a paid member of our beloved football team then think again, yeah me ol' mukka, think again. 'cos all you are is just another cog in the machine, another brick in the wall, another thingy in the whatsit, and a true Spurs fan is a true Spurs fan. Foreigners! Don't make me laugh.


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