What do British Spurs fans think of foreign Spurs fans?

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I have a lot of respect for the guys who get up at silly o clock to watch games.

In my opinion that’s a lot more effort than me going to the stadium and having a few beers at the weekend. (Although the Mrs would probably prefer the former!)

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Fidel Castro

Madrid (7 night beano)
Its surprising the dedication.
In the land of Rolf Harris l went to a Melbourne bar in the early hours full of Spurs . Many l think were children /Grandchildren of the £10 pound poms. Not particularly friendly . There maybe is a distant family connection through immigration

In Larnaca Cyprus a really jolly welcoming Spurs base with family ties to North London.
Recently in Brooklyn Williamsburg , a great bunch . Sort of Hipster , great blokes . Got the impression that the Premier was rather cool to them but they were passionate and many were into Brit culture of some sort.
The most bizarre is the Son fan boys . Its a Chairman Mao way of supporting a team . Really they are only there for him and national pride . If we are being honest if Son signed for say Everton 90% would piss off. That one l dont get as its wrapped up in fragile nationalism .
Half and half scarf brigade are the opposite of what British fan culture is traditionally founded on , so not for me .
I think overall is very mixed bag.
You could say
" The good ,the bad and the ugly. "
All Spurs supporters who love the club and support through thick and thin are very welcome in my eyes. Location doesn't matter.

'Fans' who have clearly voluntarily chosen Spurs in adulthood, who spend their time and energy predominantly moaning about lack of cups and transfers really bother me. What is the point? Surely you knew what you were getting into? I have a little more time for people who were born into Spurs having a moan.

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No problem at all... the more the merrier!, we don't have as big a profile (globally) as say Liverpool or Man Utd... then again, neither did Chelsea or ArseAnal up until a few years ago...
We need to be grabbing THAT support...

Nothing worse than landing in a foreign Country, and the first thing you see is a fucking Gooner shirt, therefore RUINING THE HOLIDAY ENTIRELY!! ...am I right?

Love seeing YIDS abroad. If only to acknowledge their long distance love affair with a friendly/knowing nod, and a "Come on you Spurs!"

...just steer clear of the half-and-half scarf Chaps & Chapesses!
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I agree with Totti. I love and embrace all our fans, regardless of ethnicity or nationality.

Although my problem is with our soft centred British fans who do everything to bash up other fans, both English and foreign, who voice their concern and frustration at the clubs unprecedented lack of trophies.
you post this and wonder why you take so much flack.
Your mentality is the problem, you really believe that because you stamp your feet and have a tantrum every time Levy doesn't buy you a Messi in each transfer window, that you are a better quality of fan.
The difference John is that a lot of us are grown ups and we can actually understand how things work in football.
Go and support citeh, then you can be amongst your own kind

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Two Americans behind me yesterday "What colour are spurs playing in and which one is Kane?"

Genuinely happened
they paid their money and sat in their seats. sadly our own fans who support the team so well couldnt be bothered to turn up yesterday. bit of a joke yesterday. even the singing sounded a bit like hymns at a funeral.
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