Tottenham Hotspur v Bournemouth

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Just ate five burgers at a burger battle event to celebrate us winning 4:0. Guess it would have made more sense if we'd won 5:0 but who cares? I ate an extra one for luck. Argh my God I am so full of burgers. Five of the bastards!

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Utter, utter dominance. Poch has changed this club bottom to top. Love it
Starting to feel like just second place is not enough. We deserve more, but deserving it alone won't get us what we want. League isn't in our hands. However, tomorrow's game may change things (not counting on it), but what is in our hands is the semi next week. Let's fucking do the chavs. Finish strong and look forward to final and do over whoever meets us there.
If united win tomorrow and we can beat the chavs in the semi, surely the doubts Will set in for them and after last season we all know how mentally weak they are, this season ain't over yet and the double is on! And you know what if we did win it, no one could we haven't fucking earnt it! The way we are playing is such a fucking joy to watch, let's keep focused and end the season with some silverware as it's about fucking time!!!
COYS! :tobyarm:
I never bother talking about it tomo for the simple reason Wenger is Woolwich he might as well be the CEO the board will never sack him and he won't leave. But I feel he can't motivate his teams anymore tactically he is flawed and think it's all gone by him now.

Alex Ferguson said in his Bio he detected Wenger was going soft years ago and didn't have the drive he had 96/04.

The breaking of the Invincibles so quickly was Wengers downfall. Letting the likes of Vieira, Gilberto,and Peris go and bringing in the likes of Fabregas, Nasri & Denilson way to early. They was never up to the challenge but individually had brilliance it was just down to Wengers Lack of ability to create a unit and have 11 players players for each other.

Glory days are gone as long as Wenger is here that's just my opinion tho. Many think he can still win the Premier league with the right players
More importantly, who gives a fuck?

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Bit of a tough run for you guys now.

Chelsea in the Fa cup followed by 3 pl ties against London opposition followed by Man Utd.

We will beat anyone we face at the moment. At least Chelsea will give us a game, only team that can beat us right now, and I still fancy us to beat them. Your lot have no chance, we're going to embarrass you. Then Wenger will come out and say he's staying two more years. And we will laugh.

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Joe Clash

I know you were all waiting for this.

She's actually very sweet and more genuine than that Sophie Rose tart (not even a reference to the tits!)
What the fucking fuck are these cunts thinking? I hate our fans. The game today was played out in virtual silence - this idiot and the brothers boring are doing their best to ruin us. Can you imagine a 17,000 single tier stand populated by these wombats? It's going to be funny, but not ha ha.
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