The race for top four.

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Chess extraordinaire
Draw tomorrow surely? Keeps our one game advantage over Chelsea and also pretty much a one game advantage over Man U due to goal difference.

Draw all the way for me
Don't mind if Everton win.

it means Man Utd would HAVE to go and beat Chelsea. Which is better for us (Though a draw would be best)

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looking at the fixtures left I think the rest will pick up 9-10 points from their last games, we need to get 10 points at least, but win all 4 and its should be top 4 for us
Too tight to call in my opinion.

Win our next 2 home games and I think we will do it.

Absolutely not guaranteed though and sure to be a twist or 2 to come. Have to hope United drop points today or Wednesday to knock them out of it.

It will be very clear by Monday 29th what way this is going.
The good thing is we didn’t get slaughtered by city. We have to remember we always chalked that down as a loss and to be honest we could have easily won that game.

We kept our pride so hopefully it shouldn’t effect our form coming in to the rest of the games. Just put a string of 3 home wins together and I think we should do it.

Easier said than done but we are more than capable.
Just win our home games and don't lose at Bournemouth and we should be fine. The one I'm worried about is West Ham. They will raise their game to another level we have seen previously as they would love to be the first side to take a point, or better, at the new stadium providing Brighton don't get anything Tuesday. Best we can hope for is Palace nicking a point today and fingers crossed Everton beat/draw with United. Chelsea will 100% beat Burnley tomorrow night.

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