Home Opener (vs. Stoke), 15 Aug, 15:00 BST

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VoIcE of d VoIcelesS..
Just watched HLs again ,Ireland is just so cool n composed on the ball, Imo we need a player like him for me bentaleb n mason just are not good enough and dembele n lamela do have talent but both Imo think them self as CR7 , do unnecessary dribbling n all stuff ,always prefer wrong or difficult pass/shot instead IF ...they just can keep it simple n composed kane-eriksen-lamela-dembele-chadli is more than decent attack but its a big if..i gues

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Cute Jon
Fans pay a lot of money to attend games as I do

If I don't like some of the crap we play with this clown in charge then I won't make a noise.

That is my right and if I want to criticise any of our players I will do so as, again, that is my right but it won't stop me going because I'm a fan

What I do object to is self-righteous twats like you spouting bilge like "home fans deserved this result btw"

I was watching a stream yesterday, not at the game. But at 2-0 up our fans were sounding rampant. And no, I don't mistake Stoke fans for Tottenham fans.

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What was going on in the Park Lane?

Looked like a few punches thrown over the barrier in both upper and lower tiers at one point when we were winning 2-0, though mostly just a lot of shouting and their fans rushing over to the barrier. I also saw what looked like one Stoke lad trying to climb up onto a railing as well, like an ultras capo, and falling down! What set all this off?
i was in 32 but my mate that was near them said it was Stoke on Stoke at first then spurs were rushing over as they thought it was spurs on Stoke and there was a bit over the barriers but nothing too serious. dunno what happened in the upper tier
Despite what some people think about not being in the ground, watching things on tv or a stream actually does show you whats going on.

It was shown, live on tv.

Hmm. Fair enough. I was at a the game and definitely saw a lot of people stand up looking in one direction so wouldn't dispute that at at all.

Couldn't see what was going to on mind.

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser
These points may have already been made, but sorry haven't got the time or inclination to trawl through 40 pages ;)
Disappointed would be an understatement! Not a bad performance, until we lost our way in the last 20 mins or so. Thought Dyer and Dembele had decent games. My main concerns are:
1. No cover for Harry
2. Having lots of possession, without actually getting very far
3. If Eriksen is not on song, we have little creativity
4. Poch doesn't seem to be able to make effective substitutions or change tactics mid-game
5. We don't seem to have the killer instinct and worry about our lack of mental toughness
6. We need a couple of 'old heads' in the team
All in all, gutted in how the game panned out, but suppose a draw was a fair result in the end.
Walker exposed on left. Ireland came on and made the difference - Why couldn't we neutralise Ireland?. There was no counter prevision for Ireland. Not sure if Dier can play DM , midfield players always need to have pace and fitness regardless if defending attacking or wide.
No panic just disappointed.
4. Poch doesn't seem to be able to make effective substitutions or change tactics mid-game
Agree with this statement totally. Although Im not sure how much managers do? maybe I give them too much respect and credit. Ireland came on, tell a player to get stuck in on him. Isn't that football?


The Big Man of TFC
From what I heard on the TV I wouldn't say our fans were out sung through the majority of the match. But the booing at the end was tragic. Those fans are the ones which I will just now refer to as MLBs (Melting Little bitches).
They seem very well represented on here. This weird bunch either seem to come in two varieties a) "I only started supporting this team cause we reached the quarter finals of the champions league" b) " They aren't as good as the push and run side".
Both types are tragic 'fans' with an embarrassing sense of entitlement. Some mug on here actually thinks we should be building a stadium and at the same time competing with Man U in the transfer market They are the richest team in the world! I am guessing their mums or wives take care of their finances otherwise I am not sure how they pay their internet bills and come on here to spout such entitled nonsense.
Dier has played pretty damn good in the DM role for the last 2 games BUT he does seem to tire at around the 65 minute mark which causes him to not be in the defensive positions he was earlier at.

As for Poch's subs....if Kane had to go off then Lamela was the natural choice to be honest. Benteleb for Mason was a poor substitution though as Dier was completely knackered and should have come off. We could have also brought on Trippier to play on the right side of the midfield (Lamela up top) so he and Walker could have doubled up on whoever was drifting on the left hand side for Stoke as that was clearly the position they was targetting.

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