Eric Dier

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Never Forget What
Even when it is just his bodies cries for replenishment of depleted mineral reserves, reserves that likely his nutritionist and the club has been party in allowing to run fallow...

The formula came from a guy who was a crop consultant, go figure someone who knows what is generally short in the soil, might know what we generally run low on (if you are into soil/biological chemistry, look at the breakdowns on kelp and molasses, they are all the things we run low on, caveat emptor on getting your levels of each right though).

He needs the clubs help, I honestly could start to turn the guy round in 1 month, if he said 'I believe in you Zest, as a lifestyle consultant please suggest a diet to pull me out of these continuous maladies' (set him on a path to long term well being, at whatever level his current physiology will allow, so why don't the club in situations like this).

He appears to be taking on too much (animal) protein, is my speculation, hence the digestive complaints (maybe even as simple as timings, if he is taking later night high protein, depriving his restorative oxygen at the key 11pm-2am phase, by taking it later than 6pm), possibly tweak-able habits perhaps in part.

But once you go really low reserve, and carry high muscle, those bones are going to struggle (arc back to calcium in the drink, D3 in the Kelp...).

Minerals are bound to sugars in nature, you start to run low in minerals, you crave sugar, if he's gone heavy it should be alarm bells to nutritionists to get him some high nutrition (like the formula I've relayed, or at least a green smoothie every day, at least 3oz green juice).

Anyway, it's just my junk thinking... (unless he wants to pay me £10K for the month to turn him round, his misses would be "you are not having enemas Eric, I put up with that Art gallery but not this!") :disdain:
You are a very strange person.

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I can picture Eric lying on his bathroom floor, asking his misses to hold the douche bag whilst he has an apple cider vinegar enema :fingers:

Mackay came from a more vibrant soil my friend, plenty of iron in his formative soil (relative to now anyway)...
...a true Caledonian...

Come on Eric, get a grip. Pick up the phone, Dr Zest awaits.

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Could be a small yet significant tear in the lining of the rectum. Could be, but we just don't know for sure
Personally I find this irresponsible for a professional athlete.
Out of season or not he should be looking to take nothing bigger than an 8 with a cautious eye on girth.

If he has damaged his rectum he’s only got himself to blame .
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