The Mighty Spurs vs Everton, 12th May 15.00

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No point picking too many bones from today, it was not great. Deserved to lose, got a point job “sort of” done.

The competitive side of me is furious that we chucked 3rd. Which is just acceptable. But is it not 12 points from 12 games to end the season ? That’s very very poor. It’s almost understandable why that’s happened, but in reality I am bastard glad the league season is behind us.

Everton were funny to watch. Playing out from the back like a “big” club. But with precious little ability to do so. Shit keeper. Theo Walcott. Thank your lucky stars we ain’t them.

Anyway, it’s done. See you in Madrid :)

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There is a big footballing story, as per talk shite, there is embargo for another 15 mins or something like that. Any one?

Update: Hazard to Madrid
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