New Stadium

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Elliot Richardson - Chairman @Dugout, the only media company owned by 9 of the worlds biggest clubs. Partnering with 80+ teams globally to offer something truly unique for fans .

Can't they see how those two ideas work against each other?

In order to make a global club competition something worth watching, it needs to be the case that the leagues on the continents other than Europe are not just backwater colonies of the great UEFA empire.

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Anyway last game at Wembley for me have not missed one since we moved there but no more..been a season ticket holder since 87/88 season so nobody can doubt my loyalty to the club and have been going since 75.
My first season ticket cost 115.00
My current one cost 995.00
I have not got to use it yet like thousands of others
Can I have your ticket for the final ?

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I don't think there's much to be made of those stats (not that you argued there is).

The stadium is new for both teams. It's not like anyone is familiar with it yet. I'm certain the supporters will show up, the atmosphere will be electric, and Spurs will not drop points.
We will be even better than we were at the Old WHL.....thats title stuff

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After my anti-Wembley rant earlier I have just bought a ticket for Man U.
Fuck sake! No willpower.
Haha. Same for me. Coming over from Norway. Was going to watch the game at some pub with my wife and another couple. But couldn't miss the face of Solskjær, when he realise he is not the greatest manager of all time. A sneaky little cunt. We got a lot of shit on him here in Norway. He wont talk to the one serious football magazine, because they have asked him some serious questions about a dodgy agent. They have started "The Solskjær Table" in the news back here. They show the table from when Solskjær became manager. So here in Norway, united is top of the league. There is Solskjær everywhere. :parker:
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