New Stadium

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Can't they see how those two ideas work against each other?

In order to make a global club competition something worth watching, it needs to be the case that the leagues on the continents other than Europe are not just backwater colonies of the great UEFA empire.
Now if they tied qualification into domestic cup winners that would be interesting... reinvigorate the FA Cup.
I've mentioned this on a few posts but surely there is a decent probability of the Crystal Palace game being postponed due to the FA Cup Round 6. At least one of us will be in Round 5 so they'll be hanging on the result of that to see if the game goes ahead. Seems mental to have that variable on the grand opening. Obviously we could open with the FA Cup Round 6 if we were at home...
Did an interview yesterday about how the new stadium and a football club affects everyday life for people living in the Borough.
I really enjoyed it.i feel all lovey and sophisticated.
Might start wearing a cravat and a smoking jacket.....

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He also asked my view on what the club put into the area.
I think that is one area we can be proud of our club in.Mentioned all the housing they had built and all the students at Southgate college etc
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Video James Referee
How do you post a picture of Terry Thomas cravat and smoking jacket?
mobile app never likes it, so do it on desktop

go to giphy or imgur, find the image/copy the link, then select the image icon on the toolbar above. you then past the link in, and can see immediately if it worked


Where's the Kaboom?
I'm starting to believe the new stadium doesn't even exist :harrysmile:
Never did. It's a hologram. What we actually have is the world's largest kebab, fried chicken and pizza emporium

The cave we think will house a retractable pitch is actually the world's largest 50cc step thru garage, and deliveroo driver cloning facility

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