League Cup 2019/20

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How do tickets work for the league cup? Are OH+ members likely to get a shot at them?
Colchester is dead easy for me to get to so it would be a shame not to take advantage of that.
We'll get about 1,000 tickets. You'll need to be a STH with AT LEAST 400 Ticketing Points to get a ticket officially.

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So we would have had Crawley away and then it's quarter final stages. Taking into account that Chelsea got Man U and Liverpool got Woolwich so two of the bigger team squad will be going out last night needs to be viewed as a massive slip up.

What a shame.
Now that you put it like that, I'm depressed again, bloody hell. At least we most likely won't see them clowns going further into the competition, I guess. 😓

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Maybe if it was the FA Cup, but we shouldn't bother about this EFL Cup.. It's almost embarrassing to celebrate if you win it.
I feel like this should be the talking point for the other top 5 teams, but not us. With the situation we are in with lack of trophies, I would kill to win any of the 4 competitions we are in to be honest.
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