League Cup 2019/20

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I was upset because you took it literally, I was describing a scenario of events whereby we not only drew Man City away but that we also beat them by a VAR decision. It was a JOKE !!! So if you realised that and were reacting to other posters why 'disagree' with a joke ???? It doesn't make sense. Why not simply remove it and everyone's happy.
Right I remove mine and you remove yours and the matter is closed.

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I got in the home end when we played Colchester in the FA cup. To get a ticket they actually charged you for two games. The cup tie vs us and also for their following home game. So just a heads up to anyone looking to get into the home section as they will likely do it again (maybe).

A great draw for me if I can do likewise and get a ticket again as it's very local to me.

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Stadium is on the edge of town off the A12... no boozers! But usually a shuttle bus from the centre. Some okayish pubs. Up for a meet up
if anyone does get the chance, be sure to check this pub out in Colchester.

No menu.. you'll get what is being served up! fantastic food.

It is out of town a bit and totally the wrong direction from the ground but hey! worth a share.

Other than that, some good boozers in town.

The Fat Cat, Three Wise Monkeys .. Church Street Tavern. I cant imagine they'll designate an away team pub for this?

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