Individual regression

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Agree to an extent but Poch made those players compete. Right now I could go through the whole squad and say that Winks, Jan and Sissoko are the only consistent performers.
Son has always been hot and cold but has never been labelled in the same way as Dele and Eriksen as world class, and those two themselves have been nowhere near as good as they were two years ago.

Its not just about the "cloggers"......if people are honest, they will also say Kane was better a couple years ago, DESPITE the stats.
Our energy and aggression is fucking shit now.

Or just a coincidence that an entire team hasnt learned a thing, bar the odd CL game
Kane wasn't better 2 years ago, imv - defenders now double and triple mark him so it gets harder for him every game. Back then he was still given far more space - that's all gone now. Also - back then we had a superior CM - no two ways about. Prime Dembele / Wanyama owned.

I hold Poch responsible for many things btw - mostly about constantly rotating our back 4 which has been nothing short of a disaster. No title winning team ever does that

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If you're just going to caveat every achievement as ''for now'', what's the fucking point discussing anything?
Because if we were climbing and excelling, we´d be talking about late title challenge and the possibility of winning the CL with some kind draws.

The more likely outcome right now though is a struggle for top 4 at the expense of our CL campaign

Gooners have closed 13pts to 1pt. Lets not pretend this isnt a capitulation worse than Harrys, or the Leicester season, when the heads went down with nothing to play for with 3 games left

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Let's take a deep breath and see how they respond after their break.

I'd imagine a few egos are dented and a few are getting serious bollockings.

It's a bad few weeks, don't let Woolwich pricks wind you up because they have put a few wins together. They did that earlier in the season and remember how that panned out for them.

Were more than capable of winning every game and were still third.

As for regression I don't think so. Eriksen has always been inconsistent , and his the only one that I'd say has regressed. Kane looks knackered and the summer will do him the world of good, dele too. Don't forget our team have had no break thanks to the world cup.

Plus we have weakened. Tripper and aurier aren't fit to lace walkers boots, dembele is missed so much too and we miss Danny rose but I don't like saying his regressed as he has dealt with so much and his hopefully on his way back.

We had to strengthen bad we have failed to do so, add that to a gruelling schedule because of the world cup and you are left with this.
not the first time it has happened either.
Definitely not

Beat Dortmund, days later lose to Southampton
Beat Dortmund, days later lose to Burnley
Beat Inter, days later lose to Woolwich
Beat Dortmund, days later goalless draw with Swansea
Beat Liverpool, days later lose to West Ham
Beat Real Madrid, days later labour to a 1-0 win over Palace and then lose to Woolwich
Beat Dortmund away, days later draw with WBA and then lose to Leicester
Draw at Juve from 2-0 down, days later draw 2-2 with Rochdale


Now I'm a big fat dynamo!
Lost 4-2 to Woolwich after beating Inter, lost to City after the PSV heroics. Even in the league, after the big result at Old Trafford we lost to Watford...
Seems like they have a problem re-setting after a big win/result. I honestly wonder why. Is it rehab related, training related, rest or something else...


Seems like they have a problem re-setting after a big win/result. I honestly wonder why. Is it rehab related, training related, rest or something else...

We were actually fine for the first half against Southampton - best we've played for a while, then they changed their tactics and a mixture of complacency, tiredness and Poch not making a sub early enough let them back in.
the talk of 'lets see how they respond' is a moot point, Burnely is the result that they should have got their act together. I don't want to melt but for all the possessions we're unproductive, we seem to have lost the intricate one-twos and running off players, it's laboured now.

I get Kane is heavily marked but that should create space for others, let Kane draw players out and make the space.

I believe it doesn't take much for a few players to get disgruntled and start considering their options, once they do it's pretty toxic.
We have good quality in the squad
I don't think I agree.

At the last summer transfer window we KNEW:

Janssen, N'koudou, Vorm would never make it
Alderwiereld was entering his last 12 months with the club
Dembele was probably unable to sustain a 10 month campaign.
Eriksen may not sign a new contract.
Vertonghen will be 32 during the season

We KNEW this and yet still did not sign any replacements. In most other clubs this would have automatically triggered half a dozen new signings - not first teamers (our first team looks pretty strong) - but SQUAD players.

Squad players provide cover for injuries, suspensions and loss of form.

We are reaping the benefit of a paper-thin squad at the moment - e.g. Eriksen plays regardless of form.

12 months on, the above is still true (OK, Dembele has gone). Now we face a transfer window that has to deal with the above, but also deal with potential duds that this season has brought up, e.g. Aurier, Lucas, Lamela. Plus everyone is a year older. This could result in possibly 10 of the squad being replaced. Anyone knows that this is too many in one window and will cause massive disruption. So we are forced to keep the 'duds' knowing full well they should be moved on.

Every summer window we need to bring in 2-3 new SQUAD members (not necessarily 1st teamers) to provide competition and cover.

As this is blindingly obvious, why didn't our resource planners and scouts prepare for it? People need firing!


Is Poch partly to blame for us not having a big enough or strong enough squad? A few journalists have said that he has had money to spend. Admittedly we might not be able to afford the first choice targets, but is he too fussy when it comes to the next tier of players? Why we didn't go for Trielmans is baffling.
Is Poch partly to blame for us not having a big enough or strong enough squad? A few journalists have said that he has had money to spend. Admittedly we might not be able to afford the first choice targets, but is he too fussy when it comes to the next tier of players? Why we didn't go for Trielmans is baffling.
There is a truth in all the hysterics and side taking.
For me there is no Levy Vs Poch nonsense.

Only facts.
The facts are the 23 players he’s had signed, the money spent on them (we are talking over 200M in 4,5 years) the choices that he’s been given and chosen not to pursue, and the players he may have wanted but we missed out on.

The truth is all in there, so for me he HAS to take share responsibility for the state of the squad today, form wise.
He took plaudits for getting the best out of them, so we can’t just say they are all shit now. He also plays a part in the bad times.

I personally believe we don’t really play to anyone’s strengths tactically. That’s a big problem.


Chess extraordinaire
We've played a different system this year to one we've ever played consistently in the past. I genuinely think it could be as as simple as that.

Because we haven't really got the players to play that diamond successfully, it puts pressure on our defence when we are without a proper defensive screen. We don't really have full backs that make the pitch wide enough so we're either very narrow which is easier to defend against, or we are lopsided by focusing on one area (usually Trippier to knock it in the box).

Have defenders regressed? Or are they having more work to do due to the lack of true quality midfield?

This season for me needs to just be written off. Get into the top four. Go as far as we can in the CL and move on from it as it's been a fucking nightmare from start to finish. No signings, stadium delay, no true home stadium for 8 months of it. No signings in January, in for the title one week, clinging into a top four spot the following week etc.
Are you saying we need a change of manager?


It appeared to me that he was simply responding to the question from Sammy
‘Who is responsible ‘?

He thinks it’s the manager which isn’t necessarily saying that the manager needs replacing

Who do you think is responsible?

Telling during the last transfer window Poch showing empty pockets! so imv quite a few factors for this and other blips other than being Spursy
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Are you saying we need a change of manager?
I merely answered sammyspurs sammyspurs question. "Players that raised their game, and then regressed", "Players that have simply not developed further" and "players that are hot and cold and lack consistency" are the responsibility of the manager and am sure all agree..

And as for need a change you are asking: The club has 3 main components, these are the board, management field level and the players. Few fans are blaming stadium saga which is BS because we were at Wembley last season and did well. On the evidence of the results and performances, there is a need for a change to rectify and improve. I am THFC fan and not qualified or expert decision maker.
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