Eric Dier

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Could it be possible that Jose wants Dier to play that way? It seems like most of the time he passes back to the CDs and / or FBs, our guys play the long ball or pass it quickly up the wings. Almost seems like he is drawing defenders in so our guys can pass into the open spaces. I could be trying too hard to make sense out of this, but I can’t imagine José would keep on throwing him out there if he kept doing the wrong things or making glaring mistakes.
Genius. This could rival the introduction of 4-2-4 or 'Total Football'

Always, play the ball backwards towards your own goalkeeper. Each pass must be less than 10m. Who needs Cruyff, Pele, Maradona or Kane?

Merry Christmas one and all.

Can we all be friends until at least 11.30 tomorrow morning when the team in announced (Dier/Sissoko/Aurier et al.)?
Why does he keep starting him, then?
Aaand... I could ask in turn- why he does keep subbing him off early.
Perfect circkle or what?!

I think the answer is - because there is no better alternative right now. He is not doing enough and not fulfilling the tasks, but Jose seems to think there is no one else who could do it better either.

This at least gives me hope that in the 1st of Jan we'll dive deep into the market and get ourselves a decent DM to be used instead of Dier.
The appendix operation ( or something following that) from over a year ago seems to have had a big effect on his imune system or similar - seems to have picked up a number of debilitating bugs and illnesses making him drop out of first team contention.

Any thoughts from the medics - maybe Spaniel Spaniel

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