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Players Adebayor

Discussion in 'Tottenham Hotspur' started by Erik_Edman, 8 Feb 2013.

  1. Erik_Edman



    What the fucking fuck.

  2. Kalyl


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  3. Erik_Edman


    I would be so angry if that was the sum total of his permanent career with us, purely because we know he can do so much better. He was unplayable for large parts of last season, one of the Premiership's best forwards not merely as a goalscorer but also as a creator. For him to go a whole season opting not to show us any of that vast talent... ugh.
  4. Éperons


    With Balotelli in Italy, someone has to up the antics level of the PL.

    I'm going to maintain that journalists, even at the Guardian, love the narrative of Adebayor as a lazy no-account who only tries when a contract renewal is on the line. And we don't actually know all the details here… someone complaining about a hotel bill, offering hearsay about private jets, etc. Haven't clicked on the link above, but I doubt it has much more detail.

    If Adebayor was the catastrophic fuckup the journos like to portray him as, I don't think he'd be in any matchday squad, and he'd be suspended by the club. The fact that we "need" a striker (during which time we've collected four points?) should not trump the club's disciplinary policy.

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  5. Erik_Edman


    I'd like to agree with you. The link above doesn't offer any hearsay though, it simply states he touched down late today and thus didn't train. His last game was four days ago. Doing the math, it does really seem something is amiss here.
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  6. truetomyself


  7. Anurag Jo

    Anurag Jo

    Ade shouldnt start imo now.Sends out the wrong message.No matter what you do you will still be in the starting line-up.No.That's no good.I'd rather Clint started.That man works his socks off every game for the club.
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  8. Someareteeth

    Someareteeth So many secret societies, so little time

  9. VirginiaSpur


    Alright chumps, what the fuck is all this Adebayor bullshit about?

    I've been at an aluminum engineering conference all this week and I'm fucking chomping at the bit to watch some Spurs. If Adebayor continues this shit I'll be seeking vigilante justice.
  10. Anurag Jo

    Anurag Jo


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  11. jimmyriggle


    Ade buy us a flight
    Ade ade buy us a flight
  12. Funkapuss


    He flies when he wants, he flies when he waaaaants,
    Adebayor, he flies when he wants
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  13. Éperons


    Nelspruit - Johannesburg is like a one hour flight? Still don't like the story. Too ridiculous.
  14. Dannyboy


    He'll play, he'll score.
  15. ChickenTonight

    ChickenTonight jam nitty gritty Supporter

    Here is Kelvin0092's comment from this article. I'd appreciate it if someone could run it through google translate for me.

    "as a spurs fan...i see no reason why dis dude finks he's so bigger dan d clubside...yaya toure n co have arrived amid-st their current club state but our so called "senior striker" finks he's untouchable!..anywaiz dat serves AVB and Stupid Levy right 4 not getting a striker in the transfer market @least he wouldn't be full of himself now and 4 d records some players dont realize that pride comes before the fall. Ade you can s*** my d***. #rubbish!!!"

  16. Smolik


    You can take the boy out of Woolwich....
  17. ChickenTonight

    ChickenTonight jam nitty gritty Supporter

    But you can't take Wenger out of the boy.
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  18. AlMacca_



    can't believe there are still so many willing to make excuses for him. The guy is a joke
  19. Éperons


    what you mean is that you can't believe that there are people who are skeptical about second-hand media reports.
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  20. AlMacca_


    you're not the only one making excuses & I don't blame you for being sceptical everyone knows what the media is like. It's just in some peoples minds it seems like he can do no wrong.

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