Where are you watching the final?

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Bringing my dad with me to Highland Park today to watch the game with LA Spurs. He’s not a Yid but will watch them if they’re on for me. Last game I took him to was about 6 years ago. A boring 1-0 win against Stoke with about 30 people watching which wasn’t the best introduction to Spurs. His mind is going to be blown when he sees over 700 Yids singing today.
In Tokyo, was meant to be flying back to Melbourne tonight but had to extend the trip. Costly but can't miss this. Had a wee kip but can't sleep. Waiting for the Mrs to wake up before heading down to An Solas where Japan spurs are meeting. Can't wait!!!
It’s really hard for me to get out of the house with two babies running around but I’m not missing this for anything. Heading out to Highland Park with the rest of LA Spurs. COYS!!!!

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I want to head to Tottenham but waiting for my Dad to arrive who's driving up from Devon. So I went in the garden and started pulling up all the weeds. I never do that shit, think I'm going mad.
My brother is at the lane with the wife and nephews-i am home with the wife and a best mate whos a Spurs supporter too. All my 'other' mates begging me to come to the pub in Belfast with them-not a fucking chance I'm being surrounded by Irish liverpool fans on this night-I don't play well with others when my club is in action esp tonight.
OK it’s BBQ with football team will be only Yid there, if we win will Uber straight to Atlantic to celebrate with the others

Then will be Mayfest a German festival in chicago for beers and polka dancing all night

Love this time zone for once today

Sis has a crew of 8 going to the lane currently listening to “Hot in the city” in the Bell and Hare, wish I was there but making best of it
it’s rocking outside on Park Lane, just got inside to our seats, great to see it filling up.

Fucking hell can we dare dream?

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