Where are you watching the final?

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I’m going to get to the stadium between 5.30 - 6. I was gonna hit the high road beforehand, but I’m knackered already so will be having a nap when I get to my hotel.

Need to be on my game to keep up with some of you lot. :freund:

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High Road about 4 few sherberts sample the atmosphere in the ground about 6, cant fucking wait

Lets Make History.........................................................COYS


Home again.
Much like others, I aim to be on the high road for about 4pm, ready for the stadium later.
As I understand, the boozers on High Road aren’t doing tickets but just first come first served, yeah? Wonder if they’ll be full by the time I get there?


In the hotel in KX. Going to All Points East in a bit for a while. Then heading to the stadium later. I’ve had a few beers so not nervous any more. I’d like to echo Mrs Perryman Mrs Perryman ’s thoughts. We’re in the Champs League final. Win or lose let’s just fucking enjoy it.

COYS. 💙💟💙
I've got half an hour before I leave home, so spending it on here, feeling the love. Hope people keep the sentiments whatever the result, as we have managed to get to the final against all the odds.
The journey here has seen some of the greatest moments I’ve experienced and we can keep those regardless.

If the lads put in a shift I’ll be happy either way
Hoping to be at Liv St by 4, get some grub for the family, then to the Lane for around 6ish.

My youngest is 11,he is not going to know what’s hit him when we start travelling and seeing fellow yids, already had a car toot at us and yell come on you yids, and we are in deepest Essex lol

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I really want to start boozing to settle the nerves, but don’t don’t want to spoil it for later.
Love a beer, but really want to remember the whole occasion.
Got the rest of the weekend to get bladdered,right?
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