Wearing red to Spurs games/wearing anything red in general as Spurs fans

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The Fighting Cock
Thelonious World Peace

Curious to know where you guys stand on this. I have seen people coming to games in red coats, hats, trainers and even trousers. For me, I think it’s not on.

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I have no red clothing, but that's basically because I don't like the colour. Certainly wouldn't wear it to a match myself, but it wouldn't bother me if another Spurs fan does to be honest, perhaps a bit awkward.
Seems stupid to go with anything red. Maybe a symptom of some tourists wanting to 'see a game' but not understanding Spurs traditions (which is happening more now than ever with all the general sale tickets for Wembley). If someone wears something red for work and has come straight to the match then I have no problem with it.

... but I must say that I'm more enraged by the cheeky cunts who wear rival football apparel under their jacket and think it's acceptable to come into the home end like that.

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I reckon - hope maybe - that those who wear red due to some kind of ironic 'luck' scenario... 'cos it seems fucking stupid to do so. I don't even let my kids wear red when we're playing... and I don't take them to matches...
In my entire life Ive had one red 49ers wooly hat......wore it about twice, and one hoody, never left the house in it.
That was about 25 years ago

Cant do it, and I always look among our crowd on tv and think "why???"
No red stuff!

I bought a black Berghaus jacket that had some red in the lining, I tried going over it with black marker pen and when that didn't work resorted to spraying it with BBQ paint.

The only red things I own are a couple of screwdrivers and some pants with red on them, at least the gooner red on my pants is sniffing my arse all day!
I have red as a colour within ties and cufflinks, that’s about it. Had a red ducati (blatant) once which was sex.

But yes at Spurs games / events no just stop it, unless you’re naked and have been bathing in the blood of a thousand goons then it’s ok.
Nope, nope, nope. Why would you turn up to a match in red? I always wear colours and if it’s cold enough for a jacket then I take a scarf (or buy a half and half on the way in, obvs).
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Had 'words' with someone sitting next to me at Everton the other week, as he was wearing a red & white woolly hat. Had to be separated by my mate who sat between us in the end. The bloke said he was Welsh and that's why he wore the hat.
Better dead than red.

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