We can be heroes (again) Ajax versus Tottenham Hotspur CL Semi Final Wed 8th May

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Do you know the most disappointing thing about this match.......

The commentary..... Last night they were so far up and so far behind Liverpool it was actually obscene the love in and support shown to them.

Tonight - from the very first second, they've been up Ajax and been supporting and behind them all night...... Waxing lyrical about how wonderful Ajax are.

It's difficult to take that we really are disliked by most in the media and that a commentary team would rather side with the supposed opposition rather than the team where they're broadcasting from.

I mean seriously..... Why the hate??
What depresses me more than a lack of signings isn’t how many players have gone backwards...maybe it’s belief or fatigue or them punching above their weight. We’re lucky we’re getting CL next season, it’s mostly to do with other teams chocking recently. If they had played reasonably well we would be Europa.
Saw this one coming a mile off. We've been so sub par for ages now there was no way we were pulling a 10/10 performance out of our arse today considering we have been putting in 2/10 every week recently.

Trippier dogshit again - why is he even marking De Ligt what kind of shit is that anyway. Life without Kane just shows how toothless we are without him.

Not to mention how hamstrung we have become thanks to that fucking Dembele sale with no replacement. Fucking hell.

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If you were offered Champions League for next season and a semi final in the CL this year at the start of the year , you would have snapped it up same as me But we have really run out of steam and with KT and VW playing so badly in this game , it is like playing with 9 men again.
Onwards and Upwards for next year
We haven't played that badly, if we just had some midfielders who could play football like theirs do and forwards who didn't keep pissing the ball away cheaply we might be at least level.

Fuck knows why Rose gives the corner away for the first goal. Presumably Trippier told him to?


I never forget.....
This on Poch. He's stood by Trippier when everyone else in the world can see he's shit. It's like he's playing a game of let's pretend he's not shit. Wanyama too. Skipp should have been given more game time. Wanyama can't play at this level anymore.
Sorry mate but neither can Skipp

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