Tottenham Hotspur vs Stoke City

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Great win against Swansea last week and should do Stoke at home this weekend.

Gareth Bale should be back along with Scott Parker and BAE.

Going 2-0 spurs! :coys:


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Shelf Side Tottenham
I'm hoping we play:

Walker Caulker Vertonghen Naughton
Dembele Sandro
Adebayor Defoe [/centre]

4-4-2, if Bale is back play him on the left, if he's not put Dempsey there.

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Man up and LOL
I quite rugby, not the place and certainly not the stupid rugby league game. I just don't see why Spurs should have to play a rugby team twice a season. This is another which has 'draw' as the most likely option written all over it.

Oh yeah, and if we have Foy again i May yet end up :bmj:
Walker - Caulker - Vertonghen - BAE​
Parker - Sandro​
Lennon - Defoe - Bale​
I think we need hard working midfielders for this fixture. If everyone is fit I would prefer this starting XI.​
I'd go for:
Walker - Caulker - Vertonghen - BAE
Dembele- Sandro
Lennon - Dempsey - Bale

I think Defoe realy doesn't stand much of a chance against their physical style of play. He would basically be useless throughout most of the game. Though I prefer Sigy, I think Dempsey's finishing ability ("Absence of evidence is not evidence of absecne" :baletroll:) could help us a lot. A goal out of the blue could be priceless if we're having a hard time breaking down their bus. If BAE is having trouble (it is his first game back after a long time - and not against an easy opponent), than take him off at half time, move SuperJan to the left and play Dawson next to Caulker. If Dawson is fit of course.

I also thought about going with a Sandro - Parker midfield, but:
a) we would risk destroying North London due to a simultaneous collision between the two of them with Shawcross and Huth or some other Stoke gorillas
b) I'm not sure it's a good idea to throw Parker against their style of play after being out for such a long time (although if there is on person capable of dealing with it, it's Scotty)
c) it's always good to have a creative midfielder on the field when playing against a very defensive side
I'd go for:

I think Defoe realy doesn't stand much of a chance against their physical style of play. He would basically be useless throughout most of the game.
I think the opposite might be the case, but its a difficult one. Defoe is quick, he might be able to work around the big guys like Shawcross and Huth.

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Tottenham are awaiting the results of a scan before determining how long Emmanuel Adebayor will be ruled out for after he picked up a hamstring injury.
Adebayor was forced to leave the action during the 1-0 win over Swansea on Sunday after he picked up an ankle knock and then suffered a hamstring injury.
The Togo forward has only just made his breakthrough back into the Spurs side and was hoping to cement his place alongside Jermain Defoe.
But Adebayor now faces an anxious wait to see if he will be ruled out of the busy Christmas period.
Tottenham coach Andre Villas-Boas said: "We cannot really say anything until he has a scan. He had a strong impact on his ankle and was bleeding a lot but then he felt his hamstring a little bit."
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