Famous / Notable Spurs Fans

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end of an era
BBC's two finest reporters Jon Sopel and Steve Rosenberg;

Quote from Russian correspondent Rosenberg talking to Abramovich.

This was the perfect opportunity to break the ice. We chatted about football. It was a dangerous confession to make, but I admitted I wasn't a Chelsea fan - I supported Spurs. "Ah, Tottenham," he said, excitedly. "I nearly bought that."
Joe Casely-Hayford OBE
Pioneering Savile Row Designer Who dressed The Clash but also Gordon Brown.
From his obituary in the Times today.
"Joe drew up in the family home in Fulham,where his farther encouraged him with limited success to play the violin.He preferred football and would travel to Tottenham Hotspur matches with his friends.He learnt all the songs,which he sung around the house."
As a black kid in Britain I was on the outside looking in ,initially.So I remember being chased down the kings road by rockers and then a few years later getting chased up it by skinheads.But I've always been fascinated by English society.
Born May 24,1956.He died of cancer on January 3, 2019, aged 62

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Video James Referee
...you can ask... but I'm not allowed to tell!

It's mainly puppeteering some of the creatures though...
(in a nutshell, I put my arm up a furry sock with buttons for eyes!)

Hope that helps?
So you are the reason Carrie Fisher is appearing in the new one then?

I know, I know, coat and door thataway

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Don't know if I/someone else have already posted this but John Purvis (Blue Peter presenter in the 60s/70s) is a Spurs fan (I sat near him once, in the Park Lane end when it was wooden seats)
Confirmation right at the end of this too. (Sorry to dig up a 4yr old post Mrs P, just did a search before posting and you post already had covered it).

Islington looked at right old dump back then.
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