Danny Rose

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I can't express in words the lengths I have gone to this season to avoid watch Sunderland this season but it seems danny has gone down a storm with the mackems.


Now even factoring in the fact that most of them won't be able to spell their own name and their DNA will be seriously screwed by years of inbreeding...surely he is the ready made replacement for BAE.

Let's face it, no one needs to see Naughton there next season.

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14 million? They do like him don't they.

I think after the season he's had he should be given a chance with us. Suppose it depends what happens with Assou Ekotto and potentially Shaw (aren't we supposed to be in for him?)

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Gets an impressive amount of head from Mackems but I'm not having it personally.

I'm sure Yeovil fans tease off to Obika. Doesn't mean they are Top 4 class footballers, which frankly is what we should be looking to have in every single position.
he's better than BAE. Playing BAE and Walker in the same bloody squad leaves you with 2 in the backline:avbnaa:
I've watched a few S'Land games this season, just for Rose and he was their best player aside from Fletcher
Funnily enough I was chatting this morning about Danny Rose.
Made a point of watching Sunderland games after hearing about his form (or at least having them on in the background until his name was mentioned).
Definitely come on leaps and bounds since he was with us and only getting run outs. Looks a lot more confident and kept his head under pressure - which was just about all the time with Sunderland last season.
Some of his link up play going forward has been pretty special.

I'd imagine he'll be coming back and displacing Naughton next season. Heard the scouse wanted to buy him, not sure how true that is?
Being good at Sunderland =/////////= being good for Spurs. Different styles of play, permitting him to do different things to what we'd need him for. I'm going to say this definitively now- he's not going to be a first team fixture for us, and his value will never be higher. We must sell while the opportunity is open to us.
Give him some proper playing time over the summer, if he really stands out, keep him. If we get offered 8mil sell him with a 40% sell on fee or something like that.


Guy delivers a mean cross when running at pace. Think he's be good in a 433 system and always goo to have home grown players come through (yes I know we pinched him from Leeds) I still think there's a spot for BAE in the team but I've not seen enough quality from naughton to convince me he should be transferred

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If someone (albeit a fan) wants to pay £14m for Danny Rose. That's FOURTEEN MILLION POUNDS FOR DANNY ROSE I suggest we take it and try to sell them Gallas while we're at it :levystare:
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