Cheese & Cucumber Sandwichgate

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On the balcony, fighting with our arms.
But why do you need to take food to a football match? It only lasts 2 hours. I’ve been going for years and no one I’ve gone with has ever felt the need to take a packed lunch. I’m guessing you’re the type of person who hurtles down to the fat market on Boxing Day because your already over stuffed fridge hasn’t actually blown up.
Here’s a tip, if you absolutely must stuff your fat face with crisps and sandwiches, do it outside of the ground. No wonder we’ve only got three songs these days,

“Stand up if you love pies, stand up if you’ve smuggled a baguette in under your XXXXXXXL cape”.

You and your ilk have ruined it for everyone. And someone should say so.
Oooer, you're a bit weird.

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Ha ha a disagree from a fat fuck who can’t go 2 hours without eating anything. People like you disgust me. Not only clogging up the seats at the NWHL but lamely attempting to make a joke about it. It’s people like you that have stopped me going.

Who, in their right mind would want to be surrounded by professional pie eaters? How can you sing with your mouths full of food? It’s horrible.
Sandwiches and a pork pie are fair enough at away games. I would draw the line at a thermos flask personally.

Joe Clash

Sandwiches and a pork pie are fair enough at away games. I would draw the line at a thermos flask personally.
I’m never going again. The last 12 games I ‘ve attended I actually hated . When I was a kid my whole world was focussed on the weekend. Bunking the fares, running past the hapless ticket collectors at Manor House, and then catching the 259 or the 279 up to the ground. I’m not a bad man, but I was a naughty kid.

£2000 etc. Ha! That’s not football.
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Sorry, but you've got that totally wrong. I offered the sandwich to the security man two or three times. The LAST thing I wanted was for it to go to waste, because I'd made it with such care and wrapped it in clingfilm so he could see it wasn't a bomb, but he just tossed it in the bin. I couldn't eat it myself, because I'd just had a portion of chips from that excellent chippie outside Northumberland Park Station (only £1.80 - and top quality, with all the salt & vineagar you want).

Edit - I must emphasise that the security man and I parted on very good terms - the bastard.
I had a portion of chips from there just before getting on the train on the way home. I thought they were rank.

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Morning everyone.

I'm putting yesterday behind me and moving on, with a lovely toasty breakfast, unless the missus confiscates it.

Other yeast extracts are available.

Edit: Thanks for the tips. Next time I go to WHL I'll hide the sarnie where the sun don't shine.
What in the name of fuck is Norpak?


On the balcony, fighting with our arms.
Hey ho Chubby - you haven’t upset me - you don’t have that power. I just think you’re a twat moaning about sandwiches. As I comedy turn you’re a disappointment. Come back when you’re funny.
No really, I'm so, so, so, so sorry for making you read all this crap, when you've got better things to do.


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