UEFA Champions League 2019/20

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Harry wasnt interested in EL when we are playing in it - and the revenue from it was pitiful at the time.

Had we been paid same money for our EL games as is paid now Levy would have insisted Harry take it more serioudly
Little to do with Harry - it only counts the last 5 seasons so even for our first CL year it only counted Harry's final season. We're being held back now by three consecutive rubbish years in the Europa (one after dropping down from the CL group stage) under Poch, where we got 9, 12 and 10 points respectively rather than Chelsea's 30 this year. Thankfully we're at the point where we're getting into Pot 2 despite that thanks to some good fortune with other teams not qualifying and two very good CL seasons.
Until Uefa change those bizarre pot 1 seedings, it will not matter one bit. We cannot go higher than pot 2, unless we win the PL or CL.
I wouldn't count on that. For a start there's the fact that your coefficient over ten years effects the revenue you get from the CL, so more coefficient points means more money. But also, there's a strong chance UEFA starts using the points for something else and that points earned before the announcement would count. For instance, a couple of years ago there were proposals that would mean rather than the Top 4 qualifying, it would be the Top 3 and then the best coefficient side from 4th or lower. And now, they're talking about this new format where most teams would qualify based on their European performance in the previous season rather than through the league - for the first year of that it would not be surprising for coefficients to be used.

In any case, earning the points means you're doing well in Europe, which is obviously the main thing on its own. If we'd paid a little more attention to the Europa we'd have more points, but more importantly we might have had a trophy.

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Atalanta in the CL. I want and expect to paste them. Then i will want them to beat everyone else in our group. Used to always want us to play Celtic. Not as bothered anymore.
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