Spurs v Villa

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Haha. So many players didn't put a foot wrong tonight. Kaboul didn't miss a header, Parker didn't miss a tackle and Adebayor might as well stuck some goalie gloves on as he was everywhere. Nice to have such a comfortable win, Aston Villa were non existent.

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Oh Harry Harry
He's got one art-er-ree
He's better than AVB
Oh Harry Harry

Came to me When Harry waved.
class performance, just wish Ade had of completed his hat-trick

3rd place and we really look the business

Scott Parker is fucking immense


Spouting bollocks from a distant land
har har har (pirate laugh) Ade was my fantasy league captain this week.

Wasn't able to catch the game, have to dl later.

Parker is class, but I'm getting increasingly worried about Sandro's lack of substantial playing time. The kid is too damn good to just be eating Parker's leftovers.
That was just so............................................comfortable. Oddly so. Villa were fucking dire though. Offered next to nothing going forward.

I wouldn't go as far to say the passing was Barcelona esque, but it was pretty fucking outstanding. The movement of everyone on the pitch is first rate and I definitely think we are a match for ANYONE in the league. (too bad Ade can't play against City.)

BTW, look at the table: the top 7 have almost completely detached themselves away from 8-20. 7 point gap now.
We dicked all over them, Scott Parker is a fucking G & KABOUL, he's the only French frog I would kiss.

It was also nice to see Adebayor play with a smile on his face, even if he does miss sitters for fun.
Oh and as for the Villa fans, bunch of cunts.

One point they sung about our support being shit. We were 2-0 up and cruising at the time, ole football.

When they can fill out their fucking stadium on a saturday come back to me.
Got my 2-0 prediction right, I was at the lane and we just dicked on villa at every position. Could of easily scored more but the 3 points is the most important and were 3rd in the league! COYS! OH and for me Modric was MOTM even though every one was quality.

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