Spurs v Liverpool, 15th September, 12:30

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For the "brave means not buying" smug cunts what is the course of action now?
Which do you go with?

1) Poch has changed his mind and decided we need signings now but didn't in the summer?
2) Poch still doesn't mean signing players (lmao)?
3) Poch was unreasonably unclear and it is not your fault you thought he meant don't spend?
4) You were gaslighting pro spenders to psychologically abuse them?

It was always plain as day what he meant. Took key stage level 1 comprehension to understand and yet you wankers held such conviction in your interpretations. So unreal that I thought it was proof we were living in a simulation.

Please take better care when reading instructions on things like heating baby milk please.
So you disingenuously claim that 'never sign players again' was the opposing mantra to yours?

Bollocks, it was!.

What is the motivation for this latest round of fake news? ....You're doing nothing more than what you accuse others of doing.

"Crisis talks".... "Showdown".... "Poch is demanding we break the bank" etc.

None of the window-melters are capable of creative thinking? ....Oh no.


Correct me if i'm wrong but weren't you one of the many shitting their pants over WH's spending as the window came to a close?

7 wins/9 despite a tonne of injuries.... Credible depth in effect right there afterall it seems.

Now, let's look at this years trf window medalists.

Liverpool: Keita... Has yet to make a mark and is now out with a fairly bad injury, Fabhino cant get a sniff and Alison is now being targetted as 'a bit iffy'. Overall, not playing as well as last year.

WHam: Andersen: Lazy & shite. Yarma: Long term injury. Overall, just a shit as last year.

Everton: Richarlison looks a decent buy, but generally the same old "meh".

Remind me again; what's your end-point here?

What's more important to you here?

...What we spend or where we're at?

...Perhaps i'm just deluded and need someone to explain to me how bad we have it right now.

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Have to post to congratulate you, we'll pleased Liverpool went through also. As a neutral I can look forward to the knock out stages. Also as a neutral I can also gloat about your neighbours. Take care
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