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Would you like to see Spalletti given a chance at Spurs should Sherwood go?

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Philippe Auclair on Football Weekly said Spalletti isn't leaving St. Petersburg. Apparently he has business there and is getting bumped up into an office job at Zenit.
Cheers!! I am hoping we will need it, we could have the deal done in before the World Cup (yeah right with Levy arguing over a fucking car parking space or something)

And by the way thats vertonghen in the photo above in case people dont recognise him without his patented frown
Haha yeah, I think they're celebrating with the wrong kind of 'bong' though! :p

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Spurs - Champions Cup of Europe Winners 2011
Second of all, he's available. For nothing. AVB, as we know, has replaced him at Zenit. When AVB left Spurs, Prandelli was mid contract with Zenit, having been there since 2009 and having signed up for until the end of the 15/16 season (I believe). That would have been a lucrative contract, so we can't discount that he wouldn't have been considered back then.
Prandelli...Spalletti...Spaghetti... Can't even remember who we're talking about now!

A goatee? Wait till you see his stache!

Spitting image of Pierluigi Collina. Top ref, him.
I think the Thunderbirds might intercept him before we appoint him as manager. That's why he hides in Russia....



To be fair, I'm not sure many people are....

..but, based on history, that's what makes it more likely to happen :walkercry:
Spalletti will probably end up like most of the managers we have had in the past few years and last a season or two, LvG or De Boer for me, if not we might as well stick.
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