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Article Time to Act

Discussion in 'Tottenham Hotspur' started by The Fighting Cock, 17 Jan 2013.

  1. The Fighting Cock

    The Fighting Cock The Fighting Cock

    I hate Woolwich, but for the first time in my life I feel sorry for their fans. Their club, much like ours, is holding them hostage and demanding a ransom that for many has long since been unpayable. All football fans, from the League Two upwards are paying ticket prices that are unreasonable as they are offensive. It’s easy to blame football players because they’re paid an enormous amount for what they do, and to be fair, very few people [...]

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  2. I agree, but with the current capacity and the waiting list (real or otherwise) we will always fill The Lane for the big games.

    I don't even know how people can afford to sit in the West Stand every game?
  3. Park Lane James

    Park Lane James Johan Cruyff is a football genius

    A couple of grand a year for a season ticket is pocket money for someone who earns millions in the City
  4. Flav

    That made my willy tingle.
  5. Flav

    Flav The Fighting Cock

    I have a knack for doing that to you Leroy
  6. I can't get enough of that 4-4 description, I remember when you told it on the pod, love it.

    Is it me or have we not had one of those moments in a while, hasn't felt like it anyway, maybe we've/i've just been spoilt.

  7. Old Trafford?
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  8. Dru


    I paid £62 for an Woolwich ticket the other day and have decided thats the last time I will ever pay that kind of money for a football ticket. As you say, where does it stop?

    It stops when we, as fans, decide it should, by not buying them.
  9. Stanners


    Most recent memories like that for me are...

    Crouch at Eastlands 1-0
    Crouch at the San Siro 1-0
    Kaboul at Emirates 3-2
    Full time at Old Trafford 3-2
  10. Éperons


    But there will be fans who'll pay. That's the problem… the owners aren't stupid. And if local folk boycott, then they amp the international marketing and arrange dream journeys from remote city X to finally see the mighty Spurs take on the unlucky Wanderers.
  11. Thelonious

    Thelonious aka Thelonious World Peace The Fighting Cock

    The sort of people that will pay in years to come will probably be fans who aren't exactly vocal, it'll just be a league full of soulless bowls. The owners make their money but the selling point of passion and atmosphere will be gone.
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  12. How could I forget Old Trafford this season. However, the Danny Rose nights and those 4-4's we had with Chelsea and Woolwich just seem a bit different, I don't know why. Don't listen to me anyway.
  13. frontwheel

    frontwheel No such thing as TMI Supporter

    Me and my girlfriend want to get together the money for a deposit on a new flat this year, so how can I say to her that I've just blown £60+ in an afternoon. But enough about whores and drugs, going to Spurs is expensive too.

    I've blown Sunday out because I can't justify it. I'm trying not to go this season if the game is definitely on the box. (Doesn't always work because of the amount of games they reschedule at short notice.)
  14. Éperons


    Who cares if it's dead, if the team on the pitch is a winner.

    Ask PSG how they're enjoying record attendances after stripping the season tickets off all of their most vocal/spursiest fans.
  15. Thelonious

    Thelonious aka Thelonious World Peace The Fighting Cock

    Who cares if WHL is a soulless bowl? I do. I'm aware the Spurs can survive if the most vocal fans stop going, that much is obvious. It's about making a stand.

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  16. Éperons


    But that's also my point! The PSG hard-core have made a stand and are boycotting their team (or only going to youth matches). Yet the club is showing no signs of changing their attitude (this is season 3 of the boycott), and, in fact, they're doing better now than ever before (in terms of gates) and are putting a product on the pitch that's as impressive as anything in PSG's 40 year history.

    And in the meantime, the hard core stay at home. I don't begrudge anyone's choosing not to go. I fully understand/agree with the motivation, etc. I just question it as a tactic.
  17. Dru


    Remember my 'Americans and Spurs' thread that went on and on? This is kind of what I was getting at, different type of people going to games nowdays, Tourists, rich kids who's parents pay, corporates....none of whom really contribute much to atmosphere.
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  18. Thelonious

    Thelonious aka Thelonious World Peace The Fighting Cock


    Except I'm not a raging xenophobe :baletroll:
  19. Dru


    of course you aren't :adegrin:
  20. Flav knows how I feel; I've had words.


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