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Transfers January 2013 Transfer Window DISCUSSION Thread

Discussion in 'Tottenham Hotspur' started by jimmyriggle, 31 Aug 2012.

  1. jimmyriggle



  2. Kalyl


    so is this the window we get Moutinho and Damiao?! :baletroll:
  3. Raitei


    I'm about to slap a ho
  4. Pyro_era


  5. Stanners


  6. S.L.R


    The world will have ended by then, no need to worry. Or that's what the ITKs are saying, anyway.
  7. boneycrisp


    Damiao, Willian, Llorente and Moutinho will all be at the Spurs Lodge by 1pm on January 31st for a medical and they will sign for a combined total of of £25 million. I have really good sources close to the club (can't say who, but basically he only works on Saturdays or whenver Spurs are at home)

    You heard it here first
  8. Can we sign Owen and Heskey then?
  9. boneycrisp


    we can still sign them now up until mid November, be patient it will happen
  10. Stanners


    Chill..... Levy's got this.

    :vdvcry: :avbfacepalm: :vdvcry: :avbfacepalm:
  11. Tricky D

    Tricky D

    I've heard we're in for that Modric
  12. NO1JIB


    lloris, ade, dembele, dempsey and vertonghen. in.
    modric was always gonna go, at least he fucked off to spain.
    bit gutted about vdv tbh.

    overall, decent window for us.
    moutinho obviously wants to play for as much money as he can get. good player but fuck breaking our wage structure, he aint that good.
  13. Aussie Joe

    Aussie Joe

    Is he the kid from Real Madrid? Only seen him play once for them but he looked like he could make it in the Premier League :ap:

    btw, When are we signing a striker!!!!
  14. SantaHat



    "He'll never make it in the Premier league"

  15. Cripps14


  16. Tucker


    Cripps is that Vertongen taking a shit in your avatar?
  17. Smoked Salmon

    Smoked Salmon Closed Account


    Andy Carroll on a 7 year deal for £1.50 and a packet of smokey bacon.

    You heard it here first #takeascreeshot (and fuck you Agent_ITK)
  18. AberdeenYid


    If we don't break our record and sign Moutinho, it'll be a huge mistake.
  19. S.L.R


    Lol I thought that when I first saw it. He's on a bench though.

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