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Where will Spurs finish this season

  • 1st

    Votes: 10 13.3%
  • 2nd

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 3rd

    Votes: 1 1.3%
  • 4th

    Votes: 6 8.0%
  • 5th

    Votes: 15 20.0%
  • 6th

    Votes: 23 30.7%
  • 7th

    Votes: 10 13.3%
  • 8th or below

    Votes: 10 13.3%

  • Total voters

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14th. After a relegation fight.

Sherwood's shit. We're gonna get pasted against the Scum and struggle in the league with his suicide play. Mark my words.


but if we make the champions league we supposedly get more money and can attract better players in order to win the league so....
We got to the CL quarter final and Levy didn't spend a single penny (net) on players. So why do you think anything would change ?

Smoked Salmon

Finest human being of all time
We got to the CL quarter final and Levy didn't spend a single penny (net) on players. So why do you think anything would change ?
Levy was probably arrogant enough to think that we'd be in the CL every year from that point on. He wants to have his cake and eat it. Wants CL, fires the manager if he doesn't get it, but doesn't want to invest in the squad to increase his chances unless he sells our best players for mega-millions.

Yeah, the positive glow is dissipating more and more for me where DL is concerned unfortunately.

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6th with us doing woolwich in the cup. Other that that some nice football and the odd big result. I'm glad I'm old enough to have been here many times before. Hope a lot of the plastics fuck of from the lane and the atmosphere gets better. I never really though we'd get top 4. If we didn't have our worldie last season I think AVB might not have seen the summer.

I don't think we've a chance of top 4. After watch ManC and Pool it looked like they were a step above.


Just Do It
I could try to stay a glass half fulled, but I just cant.

Being realistic ...
Man U are grinding out wins, while we cant even manage out draws at times, let alone wins.
Call me pessimistic or whatever, not gonna raise up false hopes ... it'll be a sad day come May 11th.

We'll be 6th or 7th depending on how Everton continue.
(Which hopefully will be a blessing in disguise with no EL to worry out, thus leaving us with one primary focus.)

And City will win it .... don't care out the rest in between.
Too hard to predict in all honestly ... it'll be up and down.
Pretty much impossible to say at this point where Sherwood's approach will take us. We might click or it might end up in tears.

Anywhere between 3rd and 12th.

And the cups? Fuck knows.

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser
If I'm feeling optimistic, think we can still make top four, but that's not happening too often these days. Although I voted 6th, feel 7th or 8th could be more likely. Still a lot of football to play, we're only half way through the season and anything can happen. But realistically, this season is another one of rebuilding the team and bedding in a new manager, so expectations with regards to our league position probably need to be lowered and hope for a Cup victory to sweeten the pill.
Tim Sherwood has been at WHL for almost five years.His life have been bootball. Yet I hear some Sunday league coaches are (on paper) more qualified!! If this is correct, then it tells us 2 things about the man! One. He just can't be asked or two thinks these coaching courses, can't teach him anything new!

Either way this danger man is either bone idol or super arrogant! I,ll go for the latter, but either one will see us lying mid-table come May!


Just Do It
But realistically, this season is another one of rebuilding the team and bedding in a new manager, so expectations ...
The sad part of this is that ... even next season will be another one of these transitional / rebuilding seasons, when (if) Levy sacks TS and hires a new one like LvG.

To start the season I said: Hope for 2nd, expect 3rd, settle for 4th. Seemed a bit too optimistic looking back. I can't see us finishing in the top 4, if i'm honest with myself. City and Chelsea have far superior talent right now. Liverpool is full on confidence and i can't see them entirely losing that with Suarez in their lineup, he seems to be on a mission for greatness. As hurtful as it sounds i see Woolwich finishing one place in front of us. I can see them cooling off dramatically, but still see them finishing above us, more so to do with us than them being better than us. Unfortunately this is another transitional year... We don't have an identity anymore.

1) City
a distance 5-10 points
2) Chelsea
5 or so points
3) Liverpool
4) Woolwich
5) Us
6) United
7) Everton
8) Southampton
9) Newcastle
1) City
2) Chelsea
4) Woolwich
3) Liverpool
6) United
6) Everton
7) Spurs
8) Newcastle
9) Southampton

Can't really see us turning it around Top fours a pipe dream in my view. Looking back to the start of the season when some folk were tipping up for the tile makes my cringe. Spurs winning title... Jesus lord.

I'll be happy with a plus 10 goal difference and maybe beating someone by more than 4 goals.

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