Van der Vaart - A bit of self-promotion

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It's not hard to miss Rafa's natural confidence.

On the pitch he always wants the ball and is comfortable with it at his feet. Some may stretch to a bit of a diva at times. A 'flair player', which may be a nicer way of putting it.

Off the pitch he is more than happy to voice his opinion to the press about his thoughts. Having, in recent weeks, spoken on more than one occasion about his dislike for being deployed on the right, preferring to sit in behind the striker. He muttered about Harry not including him in the Europa league squad, not consulting him when he had gone to the trouble of seeing his own specialist in Holland. He's happy to say when he doesn't think the team are doing well and that 'I feel that I am a starting player so I am not worried about starting, but of course I feel sorry for Jermain.'

Personally I don't think there is any problem with someone in the team like this. He wants to play football. He's a great footballer and his confidence that he beleives he is one of the best players in the world, will hopefully rub off on our other players.

What I do think is that a lot of his comments are quite calculated. A self publicity drive, to make others realise what he does. Again, I have no problem with this. I want our forward line to be talked of by other teams in an admiring way. Something that, last term we struggled with up front.

I worry that when the time comes to drop Rafa, for whatever reason, he won't take kindly to it. Is the future of our frontline with or without Rafa?

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I think there is a difference between a player bitching about wanting to play and actually earning the right to play through training and playing well enough.

Its funny what 2 gaols against a shit Blackburn can do for you.
Also, regarding his fitness, he falls away towards the end of matches more than anyone else so clearly there is an issue there.
Dru said:
Also, regarding his fitness, he falls away towards the end of matches more than anyone else so clearly there is an issue there.
I agree. Despite what he says, you can see he tires midway through the second half.

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Its true though, score a few goals and everyone forgets the tactical conundrum he creates.


Man up and LOL
And then there's Mrs VDV, wouldn't want to upset her, either.

If fact I would defintiely shout 'surprise' first. :bale:


Spouting bollocks from a distant land
I think 95% of the VdV drama is just the media playing it up. They're desperate for news and are always going to put a negative spin on anything they can get their hands on.

Suddenly, comments like I'll do whatever job the coach asks of me, but I'm an attacking midfielder, it's the position that I've always played, and I don't think RW plays to my strengths. becomes headlined as "VdV Unhappy with Spurs' Direction, Butts Heads With 'arry."

His fitness are due to him tracking back and covering more ground than anyone else on the field.

I like the guy, he contributes a lot more to the team than Defoe, imo. Granted, Defoe is in good form atm, but I think he tends to be extremely wasteful with the ball.
Dru said:
Its true though, score a few goals and everyone forgets the tactical conundrum he creates.
Why not just cook up some 10-man squad tactics and pretend VDV is just a bonus out there on the pitch? haha. Problem solved. Just let him do whatever the f*k he wants.
Pure class, I'm firmly in the make room for vdv camp. One thing you you won't have to worry about wit rafa is that you won't see him have a Defoe-esqe confidence colllapse, he's a winner through and through and possesses self belief on a scale I've never seen in a spurs player.

Not having a go at JD i love the guy, and he's playing superbly at the mo but he will have a period this year where he can't hit a barn door. we have to make the most of his good form, but it certainly shouldn't be at the expense of VDV. We have to accommodate both.

Spurs eh? Last season no forwards, this season too many.
I'm not advocating for one second he is left out, im just saying its funny how pople get so wound up about the problem surrounding fitting him in but if he scores, the problem dissapears. As fans we are so fickle.
I wonder if Blackburn had scored and we had drawn or even lost would the debate be rumbleing on?

Also, there is no way he covers more ground than anyone else on the pitch VirginiaSpur

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The Fighting Cock
Thelonious World Peace
dunno, lol

Seriously I've heard a few people say it, watching him play he does often pop up in different areas on the pitch so that being true isn't a complete impossibility.

I'm sure Windy will pop in here with a smorgasboard of VdV stats at some point.
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