Gazza's Life Stories.

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9.45 ITV

"The former England footballer talks about the battles he has faced in his private life, including drug addiction and how he used to consume four bottles of whisky daily without food or water. He also looks back on his heyday as a player, discusses his failed marriage and reveals what made him attempt to talk to gunman Raoul Moat during his stand-off with police in Northumberland in July 2010"

Even though it's presented by that low life cretin Piers 'Cuntface Die In A Freak Yachting Accident' Morgan. It will be a great watch. The man is a legend and his stories from over the years if he can remember them will be epic. If you miss it, should be on repeat alot and also ITV player.


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Just got in and i'm watching it now. To be fair think he looks better than he has in a long time, he's still a funny bastard aswell
Still sad to watch though, although he does look better than he has for a long time. Don't think I'm ever gonna be able to watch that free kick without the hairs on the back of my neck standing up though. Fucking legend.

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As much as Piers is a twat, still thought it was a great interview. Good to see Gazza well again, and hope he continues getting better.


The Fighting Cock
spooky said:
Love him. Idolised him. Hoping he never drinks again.


Gazza was such a massive influence on why I love football growing up. It's weird because it wasn't like I saw him play a lot or anything. Just that short period around Italia 90 etc was enough though.
He was such an idol to me as a kid, a tragic figure, mental, magical and a proper geezer (all in the space of 10 seconds sometimes) He was different from everyone else and he was ours. I always used to wear the '91 kit as a kid and pretend I was him, shirt untucked and all that. I just think he had a huge influence on me as a young kid in terms of how I played football, banter, love for playing etc. Just so terrible to see him continuously abusing himself to the inevitable end :( I'll defiantly be watching this, even if it has that posh gooner cunt wasting the oxygen around him is on it.
Got it on sky+, will have to watch later. Being 20 I never actually saw him play for Spurs, but of course its been fed down to me how brilliant he was.

And i've seen some of the goals he scored. Magic.
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