Famous / Notable Spurs Fans

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I got told about Paloma Faith quite a bit back. Forgot. Then when i got told again i posted it on here. Seems like i have been really slow re Adele.

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Jo Harten Englsih netball international.She is with a manc collegue on the BBC website with Lawro doing predictions
My mate Watto's wife was a netball coach quite high up in the scheme of things and she knew her when she was younger. Eric Dier messaged her good luck before the netball world cup.She was very chuffed

I shouldn't laugh but I did like this comment..

She’s best known for a tragic yet inspirational tale where it all ends by plunging off a cliff. She’ll feel right at home with Spurs.

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Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser
Don't make fun.... he BLEEDS white and blue! (...and yellow... and THOMSON logo!)

I reckon he's more loyal to PACKAGE HOLIDAYS, than he is to Spurs!!
Not that I know a lot about cricket, but I believe that he didn't so well in the last test.... just a coincidence ?
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