Vass Koni

30th March 2015

We want our Spursy back

There is a word out there which is slowly but surely becoming part of everyday football vocabulary, Vass Koni takes a look at the term "Spursy" and shares his thoughts.

13th February 2015

Age is just a number

Vass Koni is feeling optimistic even if the players are making him feel older and older.

28th January 2015

Spurs and my tears of joy

The Spurs family is growing. Our fans are now spread across the globe, but what does it mean to be Spurs? What does Spurs mean to you? Vass returns and looks at the curse and the joy of being part of this gloriously dysfunctional family.

9th January 2015

Was the Chelsea victory a watershed moment?

Vass Koni looks back at the Chelsea game and realises that it was more than just gaining three points against rivals, it was about gaining a new perception on our football and our style.

2nd January 2015

The blame game. Is there a point?

Even basking in the glory of a brilliant victory against Chelsea, there are still those out there who are happy to complain, criticise and point the finger. Vass Koni writes again for The Fighting Cock and takes a look at the multiple sticks used to beat Daniel Levy and co.

15th December 2014

Spurs and football used to be fun

Vass Koni has been watching Spurs a long time and there is very little he hasn't seen but how do the modern Spurs brand compare to the club he grew up watching? Has the fun been sucked from the game?