Vass Koni

19th February 2018 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

The Magic Of The Cup

Does the FA Cup only matter to the fans? Is there any real magic left in a competition that is slave to the TV companies? Do we need it to validate our season? Vass Koni has a look at these questions.

1st November 2017 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

No time to be fearful

Before tonight's big game vs Real Madrid, Vass takes a look at Spurs and just how far we've come under Mauricio Pochettino.

4th August 2017 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

Walking the walk

Vass has something he needs to say to Kyle Walker, something that's been bothering him since the fullback left for money/ambition/trophies/personal reasons.

16th May 2017 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

Tears for a rainbow

Vass didn't think he'd make it to the game, but fate had other ideas for him and granted him one last visit. This is his story about his and our last game under those lights.

23rd March 2017 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

Build it, but will they come?

With the new stadium looming over White Hart Lane, Vass discusses ticket pricing and what the future holds for the Tottenham faithful.

31st January 2017 | Top Reads

Are Tottenham still a stepping stone?

Over the last few years at White Hart Lane we've been burnt by the individuals who stood head and shoulders above their teammates, today however, thanks to Pochettino and co, there is a real sense of unity and a common goal for the whole squad, is our time as a stepping stone at an end? Vass discusses.

4th November 2016 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

Spurs Champions League woes are not stadium related

With two defeats in our Champions League "home" games, Vass Koni looks back at Wednesday game and gives his thoughts on why its going wrong at Wembley.

17th October 2016 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

On the cusp of love

We may have only drawn with West Brom, but there is still something special happening at Spurs. Vass Koni returns and looks at our team and how behind it all is one man. Mauricio Pochettino.