The Extra Inch

The Extra Inch

If The Fighting Cock appeals to your inner scumbag, The Extra Inch appeals to your inner scholar. We talk tactics, statistics and football history with a regular panel and variety of guests. Follow us on Twitter @TheExtraInch and subscribe via iTunes or Acast.


27th April 2019

The Extra Inch – We’ve Got A Semi

Windy, Nathan and Bardi look back at the glorious Champions League quarter-final second leg defeat to Man City, the subsequent 1-0 defeat in the Premier League, as well as our 1-0 win against Brighton.

22nd March 2019

The Extra Inch – Full-backs

Windy, Nathan and Bardi go deep on full-backs, speaking about the evolution of the position, detailing their favourite full-backs, as well as some notable Spurs full-backs from yesteryear.

20th March 2019

The Extra Inch – Test Event Preview

Windy gives a run-down of the Under-18 players likely to be involved in the first test event at the new White Hart Lane.

11th March 2019

The Extra Inch – Coping

Windy, Nathan and Bardi talk about how they get through a Spurs defeat, take an ad hoc dive on sports psychology and celebrate the second leg against Borussia Dortmund.

27th February 2019

The Extra Inch – Sarri Ball(s Up)

Windy, Nathan and Bardi preview the forthcoming matches against Burnley and Chelsea and answer your questions.

21st February 2019

The Extra Inch: Raumdeuters

Windy, Nathan and Bardi round up recent Spurs action, with particular attention to the Dortmund drubbing.

31st January 2019

The Extra Inch: Cheeky Nando’s

Windy and Nathan have a post-Watford chat. Daniel Levy, buy a midfield please.

23rd January 2019

The Extra Inch: All Up In Your Grillitsch

Windy, Bardi and Nathan talk post-Wolves victories, preview the Manchester United match and consider some recent transfer rumours.