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2nd March 2013 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

How Andre Villas-Boas’ Tottenham share a blueprint with Arsenal’s Invincibles

I’m not sure who this may aggravate more; the Arsenal fans that’ll presume I’m trying to disrepute their most famous team in recent years, or my fellow Tottenham fans, who could accuse me of blasphemy, and consider me guilty by association. In reality my intentions are to achieve neither, if possible. However, through analysis of both teams, the similarities that can be identified seem largely undeniable. The team ethics, personnel, formations, management and playing style marry all together too well to go ignored. My hypothesis, though, does not evolve beyond the realms of sheer coincidence. I am neither accusing Andre... Read more »

28th January 2013 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

Leeds Away – Match Report

Cup games away from home to lower-league opposition are a case of mind over matter. In reality, top flight sides that fall victim to the overly marketed ‘magic of the cup’ are rarely outplayed, but defeat themselves by approaching the ties with the wrong attitude. In the same way that playing a relegation threatened side toward the end of the season is routinely dubbed a potential banana skin due to their lack of anything to lose, the same cautiousness should surround cup ties of a similar nature. Leeds United are not a better team than Tottenham Hotspur; they do not... Read more »

18th December 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

Tottenham Hotspur: At the Half-Way Line

The Fighting Cock’s Raj Bain’s looks at how we’ve done so far this season… What’s going right? The transition from Redknapp to Villas-Boas and steadily silencing the critics. The attacking football has been sublime at times and the signings all look to be finding their feet after shaky starts. It was a difficult summer full of negative press and doubt cast at our door, but we’re showing what we’re made of and Daniel Levy’s ambitions look close to being met. What’s not? The injury list influencing the season and my mood way more than it should be doing. It’s an... Read more »

16th November 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

North London is Ours?

Sky Sports are obsessed with the notion of having matches become ‘adverts’ for the Premier League. They want goals, cards, emotional atmospheres and controversy. They want nothing more than the fixture to follow a narrative, entertain the neutrals, deliver the unexpected and provide enough ammunition for a classic post-match montage. They may trivialise the north London derby as a box ticking investment, but to the clubs, players and fans involved; it’s always means so much more than that. Saturday will mark the 250th occasion on which these two sides have met, and yet again it could prove to be a... Read more »

22nd October 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

6 Points from Success; Learning in Defeat

You learn more about yourself in defeat than you do in victory. Like most clichés, it’s true. Nobody enjoyed losing to Chelsea, but in the long run it could prove to be a blessing in disguise. Individual errors that have gone largely ignored during our unbeaten run were magnified and intensified, clear for all to see. However; the main thing to say after a defeat of this manner is thus – we haven’t become a bad team overnight and it wasn’t an individual player’s fault that we lost that game. We were beaten by a better side, playing more clinical... Read more »

11th October 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

Bigmouth Strikes Again

The modern lone centre-forward needs to offer the team as a whole much more than just goals. He needs to be able to consistently be available as an outlet higher up the pitch, hold up play and know when to unselfishly distribute the ball. He needs to have the nouse to know when it’s appropriate to shoot and when it isn’t. He needs to be able to dribble, win high balls and outsmart defenders. He has to be able to judge when it’s right to track back and defend, and help clear opposition set-plays. He needs to be able to... Read more »

23rd September 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

Our Bovine Public

I was told just recently that it wasn’t a writers job to be liked, but to challenge the way people think. That said, it seems that while the majority of our clubs fan base have spent the best part of the start of the season pointing fingers at one another, passing around ‘the blame’ quicker than Danielle Lloyd through the Spurs dressing room, the real issues have been cast to one side, ignored. We have a new coaching staff, style of play, shuffled squad and attitude about the way we progress; yet expectations aren’t being properly managed. Tottenham Hotspur Football... Read more »

17th August 2012 | Blog, Never Mind The B*llocks

’twas the night before Newcastle…

Twas the night before Newcastle, all quiet at the Lane, No game tomorrow, all the players had taken a plane. The shirts were hung on the pegs with care, The fans all hoping, Jenas wasn’t bound to have a ‘mare. The squad were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of victory, danced in their heads. Andre ironed his suit, combed his hair into a parting, Tossing a coin over whether, Defoe or Kane would be starting. When out on the Toon, there arose such a clatter, Dos Santos desperate to spring from bed, to see what was the... Read more »