James Harris

9th June 2015

Another Spurs summer transfer saga

SawboSpur1882 on the forum returns and looks at the transfer saga of 2015. Nabil Bentaleb, will he leave us? Should he stay? Is he any good?

2nd February 2015

Lennon: Thanks for the memories

James Harris aka SawboSpur1882 reminisces over Aaron Lennon, a player who gave us some great memories and a player who when he scored, we never lost. Thanks for the good times.

13th January 2015

Burn out

With 100 games to play in the next 21 days, James Harris examines what can be done to help prevent our players burning out.

24th December 2014

Our Midfield Dynamite

After a slow start to the season, Christian Eriksen has established himself as one of our best players. James Harris gives his views on our midfield dynamite.