2nd November 2012

The Serenity of White Hart Lane

I sat there in a transfixed daze as Danny Rose hit that thunderbolt, almost ironically clean and pure, considering we were playing them dirty gooners. The consumption of several beverages had originally led me to believe disco Benny was to credit but I left wondering if Danny Rose had been sent down from above for one game only, one goal, one hell of a goal, never to be seen again. I wandered out of the Lane carried by a collective wave of ecstatic euphoria, years of torment and repression from them f****** Woolwich w****** lifted in one glorious night. A... Read more »

11th October 2012

1882 announcement: NK Maribor

The Fighting Cock is delighted to announce that there is to be another 1882 event at the Lane. On 8th November 2012 our boys run out at the Lane against little-known Slovenian outfit NK Maribor. As UEFA cup group games generally attract a below average attendance, we thought it an excellent opportunity to get the movement going again after the recent success against Barcelona at in the NextGen Series. Tickets are avaliable through the club website or ticket line in Block J of the East Stand upper. As it stands (we’ve been promoting it through twitter since Monday) there is... Read more »

10th October 2012

1882: Critical Mass

After what I had read and heard about the first 1882 away night at Charlton back in March , I was genuinely excited about the NextGen game against Barcelona. I get to go to about ten games a season, usually the London derbies at home and a couple of aways. I cherry pick the games with an atmosphere nowadays, as other commitments don’t allow me to go as much as I once did. I arrived at the Bricklayers an hour and a half before kick-off as the place was starting to fill up, at first it was all polite nods,... Read more »

24th September 2012

Tales from the 1882

The 501 coach from Exeter to Heathrow pulled into its destination at 16:15 on a sunny Thursday afternoon in September, the 13th to precise. I stretched my lanky limbs and began to remove my kneecaps from my eye sockets, where they had been wedged for last 5 hours because the seats on the bus do not really accommodate my frame. A loud beep from a nearby car alerted me to the presence of my Father, and just so I knew it was him and not some other 50 year old, who looks like me, but fatter, older and with a... Read more »

20th September 2012

Prose for Days Yonder

Thursday 13 September 2012 will stay with me until dementia erodes away the last pieces of my conscious mind. It is the day that my rebirth as a football fan was complete; It is the day that this game found its way back into my heart. The day many of us will forever remember as the birth of the 1882 movement. To really understand the context of my rebirth as a football fan, we need to go back to a rainy day in July two summers ago. I woke up that day, opening the paper I saw a picture of... Read more »

13th September 2012

1882 – The Past and Future of Tottenham Hotspur

Like 10,000 others, I will be attending White Hart Lane on Thursday night to see our Academy side take on the prodigious talents of Barcelona’s illustrious La Masia development centre. But really the result of the game holds no importance to the home faithful, and you can be assured not a single boo will be heard. Instead the night will be a celebration – a pledge of allegiance to the shirt, and all it represents. Perhaps fittingly, this celebration takes place at youth level and even more apt is the name, 1882, because this game takes place within a week... Read more »

11th September 2012

1882 – An Admission

I need to say sorry and ask for your acceptance… My name is Dave and I am 39 – I have two kids, a dog, and a love of Spurs. Unlike most supporters I can’t give a romantic story around why I love the club – most of my friends were West Ham fans. I was just always… Spurs. As I said most of my mates at school were West Ham and as such the crowd often dragged me to Upton Park… it did nothing for me intellectually nor spiritually. Every now and again I could drag them to Spurs... Read more »

8th September 2012

1882: All tickets sold

The Fighting Cock is amazed and proud to announce that all tickets for the 1882 blocks have been sold. The 1882 movement is about getting like minded Tottenham supporters together to support our young players. On 13 September 2012 Tottenham’s academy side take on the might of Barcelona’s youth development programme at White Hart Lane as a part of The NextGen Series. There will be at least 600 of us singing our hearts out for our young players and the shirt they wear. There are still tickets in the other areas of the West Stand. If you can’t make it... Read more »