4th February 2013

1882 announcement: Bolton – FA Youth Cup

The Fighting Cock is delighted to announce that there is to be another 1882 at a youth game at the Lane – almost a year since we attended our first game. Last September we played Barcelona in the NextGen Series and there was around 700 Spurs fans in the 1882 section. It was a brilliant night, and although the lads went down 2-0, we all sung out hearts out for 90 mins and they loved it. On final whistle the entire squad game over and gave us their thanks. They didn’t have to, they were playing in our lilywhite, but... Read more »

4th January 2013

We’ll be there…

Tomorrow we play Coventry in the FA Cup. The 1882 will be there in block 30 of the Shelf Lower. The aim of the 1882 movement is to support our team and the shirt they play in as voraciously as our lungs will allow. We want to hark back to the days before the Premier League, when how loud you sing and how passionate you became wasn’t dependent on how well Tottenham were playing. We don’t claim to be better than other supporters and we’re not trying to segregate our fans. We simply want to make noise and get behind the team,... Read more »

14th December 2012

The Spirit of 1882

Pitch glistening, mood set, the Yid army converse, Vocally fighting the sit down, be silent curse, Opposition’s chorus rife, hailing from Greece, You’ve shown us your repertoire, now comes our piece, Relentless chant warfare, with little to no lull, Jealous ears listen on, at the Woolwich soulless bowl, Park Lane and Shelf side reunite, concocting a cauldron of noise, Spurred on with their backing, the team display poise, Goosebumps stiffen, hairs tingle as we erupt into voice, We are Tottenham Hotspur, there was only one choice, Serenading our leader, directing from the sideline, Growing in stature, with support of yours... Read more »

3rd December 2012

There is no 1882

I do so fondly remember that cold September evening 16 years ago. It was an introduction to something special, an introduction I would never quite fully understand for months afterwards – an introduction that, frankly, didn’t really make sense! For here, was I, a young 17 year old who hated football… walking through the turnstiles of a Premiership football club! Why did I hate football? Well, because unlike most of the kids who liked it I was bullied at school tended to avoid having to play sports with the bullies like the plague. I was bullied because I had little... Read more »

15th November 2012

1882 announcement: Panathinaikos

After the success of the Maribor game, where 300 or so 1882 took over block J and sung their hearts out for the boys for 90 mins, everyone is itching to go again. So great news then that against Panathinaikos on 6th December, 1882 will be in in blocks 32/33 on request from the club. I can’t remember the last time a home support in England could match the fans from Greece for passion and noise. If ever there was an opportunity to match them this is it. With their support against ours this could be the loudest White Hart... Read more »

12th November 2012

1882: From Across the Pond

Spurs songs sung loudly. So loudly that they can be heard far, far outside the realm of The Lane, or even your country. I say this because I’m an American. If that disqualifies me from participating in this conversation, then I apologise for overstepping my bounds. Further, I have to preface my remarks by stating that I’ve never stepped foot inside White Hart Lane, or even the country itself. I’m only about a thousand dollars from having saved enough money to be able to make the pilgrimage, and I relish that opportunity. Unfortunately, it costs someone like me £5,000, not... Read more »

10th November 2012

1882: The Spurs Poet

We realise that us publishing this is a little self-indulgent, but The Spurs Poet did such a cracking, goosepimple inducing, job that we couldn’t not share it with you. Now and then we get a buzz Of something in the air We really let the world pass by We do not have a care But together we can conquer As the Tottenham masses unite Maribor the enemy On a cold Thursday night It was a stark contrast To a game played at the Lane Only a few days earlier When the boos we could not tame But this is not... Read more »

7th November 2012

1882 announcement – Maribor

Tomorrow night we play Maribor at The Lane. The 1882 movement will be up in Block J of the Shelf stand. We expect a night of fantastic atmosphere in a battle of noise with the passionate Slovenian support. We hope to match them song for song in an attempt to drive the team forward to a victory we desperately need if we’re going to make it out of the group stages of the Europa League. The club are well aware of what the 1882 is, and what it is trying to achieve. They support us as we support the shirt.... Read more »