29th August 2013

Sound of the Crowd

At Tottenham Hotspur, the 1882 fan movement aims to recapture the days when “how loud you sing and how passionate you became wasn’t dependent on how well the team was playing”. Spurs author and fan Martin Cloake talks to the fans organising at Spurs, and places them in a context of a tradition of independent supporter organisation at the club, and of a wider movement to re-imagine the future of football. Since I started going to Spurs I’ve had a tendency to watch the crowd almost as much as the players. An element of what makes football attractive is the... Read more »

12th June 2013

1882 movement: Espanyol friendly

We’ve agreed with the Club that block J, East Upper will hold 1882 for the friendly against Espanyol on 10 August 2013, 5:30pm KO at the Lane. Tickets go on sale Monday 17 June 2013 and are priced at £20. Tottenham are offering subsidies for family bookings. More details here. Those already familiar with the Movement might remember that this was the block where we sat for the Europa League Group game against Maribor. As such it means something to us. For many, Block J is the spiritual home of the 1882. Visit 1882.org.uk for more information on the 1882... Read more »

16th May 2013

Me, Myself and 1882

The Under 21’s Semi Final of the U21’s against Everton, offered me the perfect chance to experience 1882 for the first time. As an East Stand lower regular, who is used to getting looks for singing at games, I was looking forward immensely to getting involved in the singing aspect of 1882. My mood was dampened though by the fact that my 15 year old son had to stay at home due to his first GCSE exam the following morning. As a fully institutionalised Tottenham fan, the fact that our away games generate a greater atmosphere hasn’t escaped him. He... Read more »

14th May 2013

1882 Makes My Grandad Pogo

After attending and enjoying the 1882 experience at the NextGen series game against Barcelona last year, I vowed to return. When it was announced that our Under 21 Semi Final against Everton, was to be an 1882 event, I immediately contacted my 70 year old granddad and persuaded him to come along. My granddad has had a pretty tough year with his wife getting cancer, his son going through a messy divorce and a court case. To be fair I haven’t helped the stress by being a general “pain in the arse grandson” by falling out with his daughter, my... Read more »

25th April 2013

One shoe, One movement, One vision

There was a moment on Monday night, as the haze lifted from a stray smoke bomb, when clarity reigned once more. As I looked around me at 1392 shoes being waved in the air I realised with total certainty that this was the way it was meant to be. What might have looked odd from the outside made perfect sense to the tightly packed group inside Barnet’s crumbling stadium. For this raucous show of trainers and old boots was not a catwalk of footwear but a symbol. A symbol of hope for the next generation, a symbol of disillusionment against... Read more »

24th April 2013

Seven Friends, 1882 and a MegaBuzz

Having coerced 6 friends to join me on the arduous trip from Bristol to London to watch a football game that they virtually had no interest in, (two were Liverpool fans and the rest were more interested in rugby or cricket), there was a great deal of pressure on the game. Many had argued that they were too busy and had far too much work in exam season to even contemplate it, but I had assured them that 1882 was something different. It wasn’t about the football, it was about the atmosphere. With this grudgingly being accepted, the lads booked... Read more »

23rd April 2013

Overjoyed at Underhill

I’ve only travelled to Kings Cross three times in order to watch Spurs, twice for League Cup finals (Chelsea 2008 and United 2009) and once to break my 1882 duck, the later was undoubtedly the best. With every passing mile my expectation and anxiety grew, and despite being alone for the journey I was still optimistic. My excitement however was brought to a shuddering holt when three annoyingly happy Gooners stepped onto the train. A gooner is by design and definition unbearable, and to heighten the hatred one of them seemed keen to spend half an hour talking insanely loudly... Read more »

28th March 2013

1882: U21 Premier League Arsenal v Tottenham announcement

Right then. 1882 have been given the East terrace for the U21 Premier League game between Tottenham and Arsenal on 22 April 2013 at Barnet’s Underhill stadium. Kick off is 7pm. We’ve been asked to use The Old Red Lion pub as traditionally it’s the one used by away teams. The turnstiles will open at 6pm. It’s FREE to get in. The East terrace holds 1200 people. When we fill it the North stand will be opened. Get in there as early as you can. The game will be policed and stewarded as normal with searches taking place on the... Read more »