This is The Fighting Cock. Flav, Spooky, Ricky, Thelonious, Bardi and Alex on the rotation. Windy dropping weekly yoof knowledge bombs. Engineer Al remotely editing and mixing our degenerate dissection of all things THFC. Occasional star guests included. Love the shirt.

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15th November 2016

S6E19 – Cliff Jones

Cliff Jones joins Flav, Rob White and Flav's Dad - Dave, for a very special episode of The Fighting Cock. Come with us on a journey back with one of the greatest wide men to ever pull on the Lilywhite shirt. Among other things we talk the transition from Swansea, the broken leg, the rivalry with Arsenal, his friendship with John White and teaching Flav at Highbury Grove school. Up the Spurs! The Cliff Jones Town party: Flav, Flav's Dad, Rob White, Cliff Jones

8th November 2016

S6E18 – They Can’t Win, We Can’t Lose

Back to a quartet this week with Alex From Bristol, Flav, Ricky & Thelonious. We eulogise over a great display in the North London Derby, weird Woolwich fans, Pochettino's bravery, the beauty of Mousa Sidi Yaya Dèmbèlè also discussed, Leverkusen skimmed over. Windy manages to find time to do his round-up in spite of becoming a celebrity. Should we be happy Kane got an England call-up? We discuss if Spurs are an easy sell to the next generation.

25th October 2016

S6E16 – Lucid Spurs

With regular host Flav on Ball Street duty, Windy ably deputises and he is joined by Ricky, Spooky and Thelonious. Bournemouth and Leverkusen reviewed, we discuss Janssen and Lamela. Flav gives an irreverent youth update. Liverpool and Leicester briefly previewed. Lucid dreaming. We reminisce over the arrival of Harry Redknapp, and we close with appreciation for Harry Kane and Victor Wanyama. Dreamers: Ricky, Spooky, Thelonious and Windy

18th October 2016

S6E15 – Home Movies

This week the pod lines up with a potent front three of Bardi, Flav and Thelonious. They attack with verve the topics of Janssen, Eddie Howe, Pulis and Pochball, before cutting inside and firing off the worry of seven games in twenty-three days. Windy delivers more halftime showmanship, quick fire questions, homemade cinematography, the theory of Anti-football, Ultras and the proposed renaming of the White Hart Lane train station. El tridente: Bardi, Flav and Thelonious Filth

5th October 2016

S6E13 – Laying A Brick

This week we're joined by FourFourTwo's James Maw. The pod kicks off with Twitter hacking, before eulogising over the wonderful win against Man City. We quickly go over the CSKA result before Windy talks youth. Wrong In 60 Seconds makes a return, the learned Maw talks Wanyama. We finish on Spurs pub toilets, fan expectations and Toby v Ledley. Bricklayers: Flav, James Maw, Thelonious & Windy

27th September 2016

S6E12- Laugh at thy neighbour?

Its been a busy week, with two games played, two games to come, Flav, Alex, Ricky and Bardi slide across the dance-floor and drop their in-depth reviews. Son and Janssen feel our love, we rejoice over the absence of KDB and we chat smashing Gillingham. Windy's update. There's no Thelonious, but BBB is here, who will step up? We talk West Ham, wooing girls and who we don't want at Spurs. Get stuck in. Jivers: Alex, Bardi, Flav and Ricky