This is The Fighting Cock. Flav, Spooky, Ricky, Thelonious, Bardi and Alex on the rotation. Windy dropping weekly yoof knowledge bombs. Engineer Al remotely editing and mixing our degenerate dissection of all things THFC. Occasional star guests included. Love the shirt.

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30th September 2011

#10 Sol Campbell is a…

It’s Episode 10 and The Fighting Cock is back to its mediocre best! Episode 9 saw the team struck down by illness, so it was good to get back to full strength, even if we were missing Spooky… again. Spook had some misplaced notion that flying to Lanzarote for a family holiday and sunning himself on the beach would be an acceptable thing to do. We touch on the masterful first half at Wigan and the more archetypical efforts of the Lilywhites in the second half. But mostly this week it’s about the North London Derby. The big one. The... Read more »

22nd September 2011

#09 Monkey Face!

It’s Episode Nine and it’s a mellow episode. Flav is on his deathbed and all Al manages to engineer is sleep. Both as sick as a very sick dog, but we soldier on regardless. We discuss destroying Liverpool. Injuries in celebration. Docking (dear God why?). A mess of a Wigan preview. Monkey Face. We have another enthralling episode of Killer this week hosted by the dyslexic Spooky. Feedback includes more expertly read emails. Monkey Face. A special mention to the John Crace book ‘Vertigo’ and how to win a copy (we have three available – check out the forum for... Read more »

16th September 2011

#08 Tottenham is a glory hole

It’s Episode Eight and it’s an orgy of podcasters. Part I includes seagulling, a re-tweet update, we review a quality result up at Wolves including Scott Parker’s début, Bale on the right (why?), preview Liverpool at the Lane, forward tactics and ask the question two trophies or 4th place finish? Part II is jam-packed with a masterful edition of Killer and two BAE terrace songs (majestic vocals) sent in by listeners are sang by the team. Emails/feedback includes: Who will captain us going forward? Should Luka have been sold? Does Levy have a post-Redknapp managerial plan? We also discuss Ledley... Read more »

8th September 2011

#07 Don’t make us destroy you

It’s Episode Seven. No Spooky this week, Thelonious Filth deputises, gentle applause please. Part I kicks off with a colourful round-up of what the Fighting Cock team have been up to. It’s massively off-topic, so deal with it. We’ve got tall tales and blatant cheek from engineer Al, the defending of the C-word and a transfer deadline review. We also ask; What does Rafa van der Vaart do exactly? Part II sees a surprising head to head finale in a game of killer. We’ve got feedback, including an email that asks the poignant question: At what point does glory and... Read more »

2nd September 2011

#06 The truth behind Modric’s performance on Sunday…

From the world famous secret studio of The Fighting Cock podcast team, it’s episode six. Discussed in part one: Twitter re-tweet mission update. Man City debacle autopsy. Livermore > Modric. The truth behind Luka’s performance against City. Formation headaches. Centre-back headaches. Positivity and negativity. Harry Redknapp is dissected (it gets ugly) along with our transfer dealings (pre-deadline day) and Neil the Cabbie is back with a brand new rant. In part two we laugh at the scum (lol) and whether we should in fact be laughing at them. We laugh at them anyway. We’ve got emails. Also Daniel Levy. Do... Read more »

2nd September 2011

#05 Hayley McQueen loves us

This is episode 5 of The Fighting Cock podcast, this week recorded (Wed 24th) at a secret location (ooh, hush hush) which wasn’t a pub. Usual suspects present. We talk Tori Black, Hayley McQueen, Joey Barton (again) and Luka Modric (again, boo hiss boo). Spooky feebly apologises for last weeks Robbie Keane stat debacle and we’ve got a Utd defeat post-mortem and a City preview/hating session. There’s also a shocking result in this weeks game of killer and the début of Nananalysis. Emails too. Someone wins a book for the best answer re: What is the Tottenham Whisper? (although we... Read more »

2nd September 2011

#04 Robbie Keane and The Tottenham Whisper

Welcome to episode 4 of the The Fighting Cock podcast recorded on Wednesday 17th August from Ricky’s living room. We chat Everton postponement and the build up to Hearts in Europe (build the side around Livermore!). We also take a look back at Robbie Keane in Lilywhite (legend or tainted?) and attempt to decide if Gomes is worthy of his number one shirt. And emails too. There’s also a controversial game of Killer (the Burkinshaw divide) and we’re left scratching our heads asking: What is the Tottenham whisper? Don’t forget to get in touch with your feedback and questions at... Read more »

2nd September 2011

#03 Stoned on Spurs

Welcome to episode three of The Fighting Cock, this week coming from the almost derelict ‘The Rose’ pub in the back streets of London Bridge starring Flav, Spooky, tehTrunk, Chicago Dan, Al the engineer and we also welcome guest ‘Pete’. Ricky is also present, but good luck working that one out. It’s a straight-laced first part and chaotic second where we struggled to keep a straight face (it’s radio, you can’t see, but the laughing gives it away). We discuss our 2-1 pre-season friendly win at the Lane, Everton (our predictions count for nothing now) and Hearts, right-backs, still no... Read more »