This is The Fighting Cock. Flav, Spooky, Ricky, Thelonious, Bardi and Alex on the rotation. Windy dropping weekly yoof knowledge bombs. Engineer Al remotely editing and mixing our degenerate dissection of all things THFC. Occasional star guests included. Love the shirt.

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25th February 2012

#31 Believe. Belong. Be Spurs.

It’s Episode 31. It’s the North London Derby special. We’ve got guests, some Swedish blokes from some major Swedish newspaper filming the pod for a documentary about English football fans. We done club and country proud. POTW result, Marcus (one of the Swedish blokes) sits in and talks about how Spurs are perceived in Sweden, we gloss over Stevenage, we talk about our worst moments against the scum, our general over-confidence about the game, then we ask what we’d do if they didn’t exist, we talk about the Ultras away at The Valley, a soul destroying twist in the return... Read more »

17th February 2012

#30 The Galvanisation

Shout outs and bobble hats. It’s messy. But it’s not Lionel. It’s episode 30. It’s got a bird on it. A proper one. All gets a bit loud early on so don’t get too scared. We bring it down to a calm controlled level and tittle tattle on Tottenham (for about five seconds). We get all loved up on Adebayor and old man Saha in the aftermath of the flawless Newcastle performance. We ask if Harry was subtly reminded of what he will lose if he takes the England job. Talking of which, we sneak in an anti-England rant and... Read more »

10th February 2012

#29 The jury’s still out

Just as we sat down in our state of the art studio to record episode 29 (on Wed evening), the news filtered in (via text and twitter) that Fabio had resigned. Good timing. Well, actually bad timing considering Harry was found not guilty of tax evasion earlier in the day. So we kick off with the England mess and what it means for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and also discuss the Tottenham Ultras (check out the forum for info), Liverpool away, squad strength, Adebayor and Harry’s court case with additional laughter aimed at HMRC. The imperious Windy punctures the pod... Read more »

3rd February 2012

#28 We sing on our own

Hola. This is Episode 28. Epic. Part I Tottenham Ultras update. Jan transfer window ins and outs. Wigan, Watford = wins. Adebayor. Boo-urns. Bale, the hype, the middle and the left. Little Luka, big goals. Feature: Windy. Yoof. Enough said. Part II Anfield. No fear. Spurs and Haringey. The eternal love affair. Mourinho. Would you? Fashionable Spurs and glory hunters. The end. Love the shirt The Fighting Cock Podcast – Episode #28 Drop your thoughts in the comments below or discuss the episode on the forum. Prick of the week – Vote now! [poll id=”27[/linequote]

27th January 2012

#27 Tottenham Ultras

This is Episode 27. We are Tottenham. Part I Botswana T-shirt update. Man City post-mortem. What a tangled Webb we weave. Are we out of the title race? We’ve come a long way baby. Wigan preview. Must win game. Redknapp, Spurs and the self preservation society. Feature: Windy will make your head explode, Scanners style, with another yoof update. Part II We introduce the project: Tottenham Ultras. Watford. FA Cup. Feature: ZoC gives us: Audere est Facere = Daring is Achieving. Part III The month of Feb. Bite your nails. Suicide pact controversy. Twitter – is it bringing back the... Read more »

20th January 2012

#26 God Save Our King

This is Episode 26. Dedicated to Ledley Brenton King. Part I Ricky’s manscaping accident We forgot to mention POTW (engineer Al won it) Efficiency against Everton Livermore splits opinion Wuuulves parking the bus Footballers whose infamy outweigh their talent Feature: Windy causing massive sensory overload with more yoof knowledge carpet bombing. Part II Fearless for Eastlands Would we want what City have? Romantic notions v Modern Football All hail King Ledley The end. Love The Shirt. The Fighting Cock Podcast – episode #26 Drop your thoughts in the comments below or discuss the episode on the forum. Prick of the... Read more »

13th January 2012

#25 Dawson’s Appendage

This is Episode 25. Hell yeah. Recorded on Tue (before the Everton win). Part I Round of applause for the Cyprians. FA Cup 3rd round review. The Return of Awesome Dawson. Livermore. Has success come too soon? Could injuries derail us? If we had to sell either Bale or Modric… which one would you let go? Everton predictions (did we get them right?) Feature: Windy dropping another Spurs yoof napalm bomb of knowledge. Part II Wolves preview. Got to be, has to be 3 pts. Bring back a hero. Bring back a hero + Kevin Scott. Positivity. Can we handle... Read more »

6th January 2012

#24 The Title Promise

This is episode 24. There is no 23. It’s dead to us. We don’t like that number much. Footballing reasons. Tribal. You work it out. What we got for you then? We’ve got screaming. We’ve got singing. We’ve got Tottenham. Part I Untidy win versus WBA at the Lane. Bale and the free-roam. Set-pieces. Festive match round-up. Sandro. Got a big one. Jaded players and the need for rotation. Playa haters and them lot from down the road. Everton: The golden game in hand. Feature: Windy drops another yoof knowledge bomb. Kaboom! Part II #24 The Title Promise Fighting Cock... Read more »