This is The Fighting Cock. Flav, Spooky, Ricky, Thelonious, Bardi and Alex on the rotation. Windy dropping weekly yoof knowledge bombs. Engineer Al remotely editing and mixing our degenerate dissection of all things THFC. Occasional star guests included. Love the shirt.

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11th January 2013

S2E22 – It’s good craic

Episode 22 consists of a mix and match of mixy and match stuff. If we lose to QPR, someone turn the internet off. Rob White question time births first game memories, away day 1990s blues, Sambuca in the San Siro and fighting pens. Sending Coventry to Coventry in the FA Cup with a Flav match report. In defence of Walker. Leeds or Brummies. Prick of the Week and the Fryers transfer controversy (back in your box Fergie). Holtby. Transfer tittle tattle. Leandro. Flav’s dad scouts Belhanda. Windy Yoof Update. Why UEFA charged us. Fighting pens (again). QPR preview. Taarabt the... Read more »

4th January 2013

S2E21 – Can we talk about Spurs now?

Happy new year. Ep 21. Bringing Spursy back. 1882, Engineer Al has a 32 inch gong, Yoga, Christmas fixture list, Sedgley, Redknapp gets rinsed, AVB loving, we defend our scapegoats, Ellie Harrison’s tattoo, Is Luther good or bad? Have we been vindicated with the appointment of AVB? Windy yoof update, transfer window, the FA Cup. Flav, Thelonious, engineer Al and guest Rob White. Love the shirt. Engineer Al’s Yoga class Monday 7pm- 8.15pm Moving Arts Base​ 134 Liverpool Road N1 1LA Free opening session Listen now! Download mp3 Subscribe on iTunes www.thecalmzone.net Drop your thoughts in the comments below or... Read more »

21st December 2012

S2E20 – I’ll cuddle a hen

It’s episode 20. He engineers when he wants. He engineers when he waaaants… Last pod before Xmas. We’ll be back in the first week of January bloated with points and pints. On this weeks show we welcome back engineer Al who provides us with an exclusive budgie update and a special Christmas message. We look back on the 1-0 thrashing of Swansea and display festive spirit for Dembele and fight club comparison between him and Luka Modric. We’ve got stats. We’ve got cheese. We’ve got Countryfile. Preview Stoke. Forget to preview everything else. Scratch heads over Scott Parker’s return and... Read more »

13th December 2012

S2E19 – It’s got a little Windy in here

Episode 19. They said it would never last. Essential show this week as the brilliant Chris Miller ‘gangster pop star physicist cook and patio builder’ guests. He’s also rather good at analysing Tottenham’s defending and has a keen interest in kids. Tottenham kids. Spurs youth players to be precise. Ready yourself for a carpet bombing of knowledge bombs as we discuss Panathinaikos, 1882, Everton autopsy and Swansea at the Lane. We’ve got a poignant quote, a shout-out and the usual meltdown that proceeds ‘questions from the listeners’. The features this week ain’t too shabby either. Cooking up a storm: Flav,... Read more »

7th December 2012

S2E18 – Kraken Of A Beast

Episode 18. A Ménage à trois of a pod. We look back at a week that cemented nine points from a possible nine by revisiting the Liverpool and Fulham games. We talk Gareth Bale and gravity. Worship the big beast that is Sandro. And pay respect to the little beast that is Defoe. We’ve also got FA Cup, some 1882 chit-chat and look ahead to Everton away and discuss AVB and this seasons league ambitions. We’ve also got time to doff our hats to the wonderment that is the Bundesliga. Squeezed in: news of our Xmas drink-up, Windy dropping all... Read more »

30th November 2012

S2E17 – What really happened in Rome

Episode 17. Triumvirate Triumvirate Triumvirate… We’ve got what really happened out in Rome, with guest Tom (who was out there) giving us the low-down on the attack on Spurs fans before the Lazio game. Also on the show: 1882 and Panathinaikos. Herbert and ‘that’ word. Lazio look-back, on the pitch, including a Lloris love-in. 3-1 derby win. Dempsey is ALIVE! January oh how we dread you. Second half season renaissance. Fulham predictions. Match related war wounds. Sacking managers. Football nicknames. Worst ever sing-a-long. In amongst it we’ve got Rickipedia and Chris…sorry I meant Windy with another yoof update. Around the... Read more »

23rd November 2012

S2E16 – A catalyst of c….

Bring back Harry Redknapp to steady the ship. Pffff…only joking. Banter, innit. On this weeks pod we have the derby review with more positives than negatives thanks to those tactical reshuffles. We ask if Levy will back AVB in January, scratch heads over systems and compare sustained success to the fleeting variety and look ahead to the West Ham game. Also got ‘over rated passion’, a genie and a coma. There’s even time for the son of a Spurs legend to make a cameo. We’ve also got Prick of the Week, Rickipedia, Windy with his yoof update and more on... Read more »

16th November 2012

S2E15 – The wheels are in motion

This is episode 15, your THFC anti-depressant. Maribor and the 1882 movement. Prick of the week. City, the good and the bad. The bane that is social media. Billionaire owners. A look ahead at the North London derby. Punching your mum in the face, ducks and time travel. We’ve also got: Ask Al, Zoc poetry and Windy yoof update. Army of darkness: Flav, Spooky, engineer Al with guests Blanchflower and Dave. Love the shirt. Listen now! Download mp3 Subscribe on iTunes www.thecalmzone.net Drop your thoughts in the comments below or discuss the episode on the forum.