This is The Fighting Cock. Flav, Spooky, Ricky, Thelonious, Bardi and Alex on the rotation. Windy dropping weekly yoof knowledge bombs. Engineer Al remotely editing and mixing our degenerate dissection of all things THFC. Occasional star guests included. Love the shirt.

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23rd September 2014

S4E08 – Paulinho is too good for Spurs

This week we're joined by FourFourTwo's James Maw, we kick off with the WBA autopsy, Windy drops the knowledge, Forest and Woolwich previewed, we reminisce over finding jazz mags in alleyways, and Spurs batter us but we come back for more. Badly packed kebabs: Bardi, Flav, Thelonious and James Maw. Please vote for us as the Best Podcast in the Football Blogging Awards, website is footballbloggingawards.co.uk. Love The Shirt.

16th September 2014

S4E07 – Strapped for cats

1882 announcements, Sunderland game reviewed with with optimism, in the wake of the rule 2.10 announcement, what do we want from our owners, Windy drops the knowledge, is Bale a legend or a wolf in sheep's clothing? Partizan Belgrade and WBA previewed and a question which dumbfounds and astounds. Yidcats: Flav, Ricky, Thelonious & Windy. Love The Shirt

9th September 2014

S4E06 – Let’s do it for Mum

Carl Donnelly, stand up comedian, Edinburgh Fringe star and co-host of The Carl Donnelly & Chris Martin Comedy Podcast is this week's special guest. Alongside Flav and Carl, Bardi and Alex are parachuted into into a world of inflatable objects, dial-up dilemmas, family etiquette and nakedness at White Hart Lane. There is an 1882 update, the transfer window is put to bed, Sunderland away is previewed, Windy delivers a youth update and the globalisation of Tottenham Hotspur is taken apart. Main attractions: Flav, Alex, Bardi and Carl Donnelly.

2nd September 2014

S4E05 – Under The Skin

This week we're joined by Orientation author Adam Michie. We clingfilm different animals to lampposts, Liverpool post-mortem, we discuss the lower league experience, Windy's loanee round-up, Europa League and League Cup draws discussed, Wrong In 60 Seconds, Scarlett Johansson goes out on the pull and we get intimate for silverware. Shot Callers: Flav, Ricky, Thelonious and Adam Michie. Love The Shirt.

27th August 2014

S4E04 – Lamela’s Got Legs

This week sees the return of Spooky to the fold, along with Windy. We break the ice with a detailed analysis of Daniel Levy's ice bucket challenge, and we eulogise over a near perfect performance against QPR. We're also waving goodbye to Daws and offer a muted hello to Fazio. Windy drops the knowledge on the youth. Lamela finds his feet, Limassol and Liverpool previewed and we discuss whether WiFi has a place at White Hart Lane. Love The Shirt. Flav, Thelonious, Windy & Spooky

19th August 2014

S4E03 – Dolphin Skin

In the afterglow of a glorious win against West Ham, Flav, Ricky and Thelonious are joined by The Telegraph's Charlie Parrish. Pinched helmets make way for muffled swearing, we share the pain of doing it at the wrong end, gushing over Eric Dier. Windy talks youth, Limassol and QPR previewed, and Chadli gets fluffed. Headbangers: Flav, Ricky, Thelonious and Charlie Parrish.

12th August 2014

S4E02 – Graffiti sex face

With the final pre season friendly put to bed, Flav and Thelonious curl up with Bardi and d├ębutante Alex to discuss the rules of road kill, serial killer slogans, bad days at Spurs, 1882 and West Ham away. Windy takes over half-time with a monster question and answer session, as well as his usual in depth report to Spurs youth and players out on loan. 2014/15 is upon us, it is time for glory. Come On You Spurs. Merchants of positivity: Flav, Thelonious, Bardi and Alex.

5th August 2014

S4E01 – Gully

It's been a long time, we shouldn't have left you, without a dope pod to step to. We're back for season 4 of The Fighting Cock and this week we're joined by Windy. We probe Pochettino's philosophies and ponder his principles. We talk signings, potential signings and key players. A 10k run, 1882, sweats, scrotums, scapegoats and the small screen round off the podcast. Real Gs: Windy, Flav, Ricky and Thelonious