This is The Fighting Cock. Flav, Spooky, Ricky, Thelonious, Bardi and Alex on the rotation. Windy dropping weekly yoof knowledge bombs. Engineer Al remotely editing and mixing our degenerate dissection of all things THFC. Occasional star guests included. Love the shirt.

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4th February 2014

S3E25 – Tale Of Two Cities

[box type=”download[/linequote]Download MP3 | Subscribe on iTunes | Subscribe to RSS Feed This week, we welcome Mark “Lustdoctor” Butcher and Jack McInroy. We discuss ENIC and Daniel Levy, Windy drops the knowledge on the youth. Man City and Hull City reviewed, Everton previewed, which players are top 4 material, holding midfielders, ability over personality, and can Soldado fix it? This episode is dedicated to Tom van Haaren who recently lost his battle with cancer at the age of 23. Mandem – Flav and Thelonious Love the shirt. Drop your thoughts in the comments below or discuss the episode on the... Read more »

28th January 2014

S3E24 – Gaping Holes

Ricky, Spooky and Flav muse over the January transfer window, Brazilians and a gaping hole and whether we need to stick anything in it. There’s AVB bringing ether. We look ahead to the two City’s (Manchester and Hull). Windy delivers a brilliant update from Dortmund’s majestic stadium. We say no to the Tigers. Modern football gets an unsurprising kick in the balls. Also got the latest on 1882. Make sure you listen till the very end of the pod for a new gem from Engineer Al. Love the shirt. Drop your thoughts in the comments below or discuss the episode... Read more »

21st January 2014

S3E23 – Under the lights

This week, we’re joined by Troy Townsend, father of Andros. We chart the rise and rise of Andros Townsend, run the rule over Sherwood and ask “what exactly does Les Ferdinand actually do?” Windy drops some knowledge on the youth, Swansea reviewed, we ask if we want to win the Europa League, and what are Spurs doing? Beacons of light: Flav, Ricky, Thelonious & Troy. Love the shirt. Drop your thoughts in the comments below or discuss the episode on the forum. Listen now! Download MP3 (right click & save as) Subscribe on iTunes Podcast RSS Feed

14th January 2014

S3E22 – Supporting Spurs Is Fun

This week, we welcome Dan Louw and Tim Grigg of Away Days fame. We kick off with an 1882 announcement, overpowering Palace, Soldado gets sent to a gulag, Lamela conspiracies, stats debunked. Windy drops the knowledge on the youth, we discuss atmosphere or the lack thereof, Swansea previewed and the sacrificing of Cocks. Fun boys: Flav, Thelonious, Dan Louw, Tim Grigg Love the shirt. Drop your thoughts in the comments below or discuss the episode on the forum. Listen now! Download MP3 (right click & save as) Subscribe on iTunes Podcast RSS Feed

7th January 2014

S3E21 – It matters

Happy New Year. Same old Tottenham. We belatedly bid farewell to Andre and welcome Tim gooner Sherwood. We look back at our festive league form and bemoan our cup exits including our radical new 80s style tactics. Windy drops the usual knowledge bombs on our youth. Don’t fret, there are no casualties aside from your brain overloading with info. We look ahead to our 5-0 victory over Palace at the weekend. We expertly analyse our ‘Magnificent Seven’ signings (that’s expertly drink, whilst analysing) and we end the show by punching each others mums. GBH via: Flav, Ricky, Thelonious and Spooky... Read more »

20th December 2013

S3E20 – Spurs… did this

In the final pod of 2013, Flav and Ricky are joined by Spurs youth football zen Windy and TFC editor arlombardi. We start with the sacking of AVB and play the blame game. Liverpool and West Ham dissections. New manager chat. Daniel Levy divides opinion. Windy hands out youth and players out on loan presents, and Engineer Al delivers a Christmas message. Ricky talks birthdays, Flav says he knows a psycho when he sees a psycho and we ponder whether has Disco Benny danced his last dance at Spurs. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from The Fighting Cock.... Read more »

13th December 2013

S3E19 – Spurs, don’t do this!

Podcast – Series 3 episode 19. This week we are joined by TFC editor arlombardi, we kick off with the reaction to the FA Cup 3rd round draw against Woolwich, then we speak about the TFC100 blogpost. Sunderland away win puts a bounce in our step but as ever optimism is tinged with caution. Do we want Berbatov back? Windy drops knowledge and answers your questions. We discuss the upcoming Liverpool and West Ham games. Is Park Lane for the children? We create a Spursy spider, and we reminisce on our most hurtful Spurs days. Scientists: Flav, Ricky & Thelonious... Read more »

6th December 2013

S3E18 – We Is Us

Podcast – Series 3 episode 18. This week we’re joined by ZoC, writer for The Fighting Cock fanzine and James Maw, Four Four Two journalist. Ricky also makes a return after two week’s out injured with a sore penis. We deal with the media furore and typical hyperbole about the 1882 movement, the general anti-Tottenham campaign being waged, before moving onto the Fulham and Man Utd games. We also give a quick mention to the noble 50 who travelled to Brisbane Road, Leyton Orient, to watch the Under 18s play in the FA Youth Cup. In amongst it, we’ve got... Read more »