This is The Fighting Cock. Flav, Spooky, Ricky, Thelonious, Bardi and Alex on the rotation. Windy dropping weekly yoof knowledge bombs. Engineer Al remotely editing and mixing our degenerate dissection of all things THFC. Occasional star guests included. Love the shirt.

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23rd February 2016

S5E29 – Where’s Your Proof?

This week we're joined by vegan comedian Carl Donnelly. We review Fiorentina and Palace, a brief preview of the Swansea game. Is getting knocked out of the FA Cup a good thing? Windy drops the knowledge with some assistance this week. #AskRicky. Will the Poch revolution run out of steam? And what game would you most love to rewatch? Truthers: Flav, Ricky, Thelonious & Carl Donnelly

26th January 2016

S5E25 – Believe In Spurs

This week we're joined by Charlie Parrish. There's no other place to start than with Dele Alli, superlatives aplenty. The win over Palace gets a thorough going over and our place in the title race. Windy talks youth. A song for Toby. We then bravely attempt to tackle the juxtaposition of relationships and Spurs, Leicester cup game skimmed over, big fat Chadli, we drop some facts about Colchester. Lots of love for Pochettino, the spirit of Spurs, strikers and how many times in a day? Believers: Flav, Ricky, T & Charlie Parrish

19th January 2016

S5E24 – Tabs for Tottenham

Billie T returns for an update on his Happy Meal Challenge, a proposed new movement, NYE antics and getting intimate with Dembele. We talk Leicester (again), Sunderland at home, naughty Dele and former Spurs player Alan Pardew. Windy delivers a halftime knowledge package, Twitter and social media, seeing a man about a horse and irrational hatred. Pill poppers: Bardi, Billie, Flav and Thelonious.

12th January 2016

S5E23 – Spurs Oddity

With Leicester Part One over, we look back at the hard fought draw, discuss handballs, Tom Carroll, Rose, Son through the middle Emile Heskey's skills and potential summer signings. Windy breezes in and delivers his knowledge, Pep v Poch, last ever goals and Ricky recounts a classic tale. Requiescat in pace Bowie. Spiders from Mars: Alex from Bristol, Bardi, Flav and Ricky

4th January 2016

S5E22 – Sweet Carrolline

Happy New Year listeners, we kick off with a round-up of the festive fixtures, Tom Carroll goes under the microscope and we talk title hopes. Windy drops the knowledge. The January Transfer Window™ is now open so we revisit the Berahino saga, the Leicester City FA cup game is previewed, and what are Harry Kane's new years resolutions. Flav, Alex From Bristol, Thelonious & Windy