This is The Fighting Cock. Flav, Spooky, Ricky, Thelonious, Bardi and Alex on the rotation. Windy dropping weekly yoof knowledge bombs. Engineer Al remotely editing and mixing our degenerate dissection of all things THFC. Occasional star guests included. Love the shirt.

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22nd November 2018 | Podcast

S8E29 – Harry Twinks

Chelsea previewed, the growth of Sissoko, Chelsea’s place in the hatred hierarchy, would we want the scum for our opener at NWHL, TFC’s aims for the next few years and Neil Ruddock’s sloppy seconds.

20th November 2018 | Podcast

S8E28 – Brazilian Wandering Spider

The wonder of Harry Kane, falling in love with England again, Foyth’s growth, keeping the same energy for all who have wronged, what you’d do for Spurs to win the league and Jessica Rabbit.

16th November 2018 | Podcast

S8E27 – Nine F****** Points

Pretty drunk right now. Will update later.

13th November 2018 | Podcast

S8E26 – The Juan That We Want

Palace away, the rise of Juan Foyth, the state of Sissoko, Pochettino love, supporting Spurs, is Harry Kane the best footballer we've ever had, and a brand new game show from Dan Louw

10th November 2018 | Podcast

The Extra Inch: The Battle Of The Full-Backs

Windy and Nathan are joined by Tiago Estêvão (@TiagoEstv) to talk about analytics, Spurs' matches against Wolves and PSV, and to answer listener questions.

9th November 2018 | Podcast

S8E25 – Dier

PSV reviewed, what to do with Lucas, Winks’ dark side, Palace previewed, Dier’s package, the rise and rise of Sissoko, cockerel on the stadium, Lamela’s shithousing and drug fuelled sport.

6th November 2018 | Podcast

S8E24 – The Return Of Kane

We review the mental Wolves game, Trippier, Foyth and Lamela discussed. PSV previewed. Windy. VdV memories, Levy’s legacy and the European super league.

2nd November 2018 | Podcast

The Extra Inch: How To Beat City

Windy and Nathan are joined by Nicó Morales (@Nico_oMorales) to talk about analytics, Spurs vs Man City, and to answer listener questions.