Ways to listen

Stream/download the mp3

All the podcast episodes are posted on the site. In each post you can use the player to stream the podcast or you can download the mp3 and play the file on your desktop.

Subscribe on iTunes

Search for “The Fighting Cock” within iTunes or follow this link.

The Fighting Cock App

We have official Android & Apple apps available for free. The app has a built-in podcast player and loads of other stuff. Search “The Fighting Cock” in Google Play/App Store or use these links: Android | Apple

Add the RSS feed to a podcast app

On your phone, add this RSS feed to apps such as Pocketcasts (Android) or Doggcatcher (Android).


We try to upload each episode to our YouTube Channel.‚Äč


We are listed on Internet Radio service Stitcher. They have free Android & Apple apps or you can listen through your browser.