Guest Posts

23rd April 2018

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham is a London based football club which was established on 5th September 1882 and has been part of the proud English football tradition for more than 135 years. They are affectionately known as Spurs (and have an emblem of a cockerel standing upon a football) and currently play their games at Wembley Stadium. However, before they moved to Wembley, they played all of their home games at White Hart Lane which has been demolished so that Spurs’ new stadium could be built. Tottenham’s biggest rivals are neighbouring London clubs such as Arsenal and Chelsea. The matches against Arsenal are... Read more »

16th April 2018

Spurs New Stadium Pricing Has Been Revealed and Lots of Reactions Have Followed It

An explanation of the reactions that have bedeviled the recent revelation of what the Tottenham Hotspurs fans and season ticket holders will pay in Spurs new stadium for the next season. It should be noted that the English Premier League team known as Tottenham Hotspurs left their old stadium named the White Hart Lane when the 2016-2017 English football season expired. They have been playing at the Wembley Stadium, which is the biggest English national stadium, waiting for the expansion construction work that is ongoing at the White Hart Lane to be completed. However, last week, the Spurs new stadium... Read more »

13th April 2018

Mousa Dembele headed to Juventus?

It hasn’t been a disappointing season for Tottenham, per se, but one would imagine Mauricio Pochettino must be a bit let down that his side haven’t accomplished more. Spurs (and the rest of England, for that matter) have been left in the dust in the Premier League by Manchester City, and Tottenham bowed out of the Champions League in the round of 16. Pochettino’s side were also ousted from the league cup in the fourth round, so the FA Cup is the only trophy that remains a possibility this season. Spurs have been good about keeping their top talent in... Read more »

13th April 2018

Does Tottenham’s Limited Financial Power Make Success Like Man City’s Unattainable?

By the time the 2016/17 season had drawn to a close, second-placed Tottenham had finished a full eight points clear of Manchester City in the Premier League table. Yet just a few months later, Kyle Walker, one of Spurs’ most influential players, would be vying for a move north to the club they had just outstripped so convincingly. When the cash-laden giants from the North West come calling, waving their wallets around with gay abandon, it’s very difficult for both club and player to say no. The transfer of Walker from Tottenham to Man City for £50m was a harsh... Read more »

12th April 2018

Why Winning The FA Cup Would Cap Off A Great Season For Spurs

Spurs have once again received praise from various quarters after what has been another good season for the club. They have, however, once again come in for a bit of stick as they could yet finish the campaign empty handed when it comes to silverware. Spurs look to have another Top Four finish in the bag, but they could yet finally get their hands on a trophy, by winning this year’s FA Cup. You could say that Spurs have done well in a season where they have had to play their home games at Wembley. They’ve also had to deal... Read more »

6th April 2018

Which London clubs do PL fans want relegated?

There’s still much you can say about Tottenham’s season that is likely to happen, but one thing is assured – Spurs are not going to get relegated. The last time that happened was in 1976, so it’s safe to say most football followers regard Tottenham as permanent fixture in the top flight. There are, though, plenty of supporters who wish to see other London-based clubs relegated, as a recent FootballTips survey uncovered. The site asked fans up and down the country about which teams they’d prefer to see at the tail end of the English Premier League at the end... Read more »

26th March 2018

To be or not to be clinical

“They always create many chances and score so much but, in the end, they miss always something to arrive at the end…Tottenham had their chances and are a fine team but they’re on the verge of being able to win this type of game. Sometimes, you need that spark, maybe a trophy win.” – Giorgio Chiellini Yes, it’s Machiavellian, it’s the Italian football coldness, it’s the winner’s word but maybe there is some truth here. Some times the enemy say to us the whole truth and I have the sense that is what exactly happened with the clinical lesson that... Read more »

19th March 2018

No Kane, No Gain?

So we’ve lost Harry Kane to another ankle injury; on come the inevitable goads from opposing fans of “your season is over” and “you’re nothing without Kane”, after all we are “The Harry Kane Team” aren’t we? If you had told me in September that we’d lose the man who had just had a record breaking month and be without him for possibly over 6 weeks then I too would have been worried, but watching us dispatch of Bournemouth without him settled any initial nerves I may have had about our ability to compete with and ultimately beat the team’s... Read more »